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November 4, 2011

Trying to clean Typhoid Mary!

So the other day Chris "jokingly" referred to our beautiful home as Typhoid Mary!

I'll be honest - I had to Google it - then I was slightly offended but mostly laughed out loud because it is so true - so I decided I had better clean!

Why are there 2 boxes of shot gun shells by the coffee maker?

Why is there a rusty railroad spike on the kitchen counter?

Why after Chris brought his new glove in the house that the dog chewed up and he rubbed in my face didn't he throw it away, why did he put it on the Hoosier kitchen to just sit?

Why is there a burnt up plow point on the floor?

Why did the middle child text me from the bus upset with me that the sweatshirt she pulled out of the dirty laundry smelled like hogs?

Why does the boy feel the need to eat his cereal every morning out of a serving bowl?  There may not always be clean cups but there are clean bowls!

Why do I always go in the basement at the beginning of October and bring up the box of Halloween decorations only to have to turn around and take it back down to the basement at the beginning of November untouched?

Why are there 12 pairs of shoes in my kitchen, each of which has at least one kind of manure on them and some have both kinds (cattle and hog)?

Why, why why do I have to clean all this up?


  1. I so just had this conversation, or at least parts of it in the van with the girls on the way home from picking up the oldest at her first basketball practice. Kind of went like, "Why am I cleaning up all the messes that everyone else is making? It's time to pitch in or pitch a tent outside!" Love all the mysterious bits and pieces of the machinery that find their way into the house via pockets and absent-minded (due to fatigue) farmers! Hope you got farther than I did today. It's GAME BACK ON tomorrow!

  2. I hope you made a dent. Maybe you can recruit a little help this weekend. Well, it's a good thought, right?!

  3. I don't think you should but I know you will just like I would . Farm wife sometimes the job title says it all sadly. Have fun I will be thinking of you. B

  4. Sometimes, I feel like just burning our place down and starting over. It might be simpler!
    If you get any of your questions answered, let me know--it might help answer similar ones from my house!

  5. Girls I hate to tell you but as long as we keep our farmers and they bring in the children you will have all kinds of weird things in your kitchen plus dirty poop boots especially when it is cold. Just accept and go on do what you can and forget the rest. Some days are better than others.

  6. Why?? because you are the wife, mom, etc.! I know how you feel, wondering what these thing are and where to put them. and where does the mess come from, when we are empty nesters? of course our son, dil and 2+ grandkids live just around the corner and spend a lot of time here, I sometimes think so their place stays cleaner, but my dil teaches school fulltime and has a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old with one on the way, so I don't begrudge that they are here a lot. House keeping has never been a priority for me, rather be outdoors or lately on the computer, ha ha.
    Hope harvest is winding down for you and you can make a dent in the house. I think my hubby would make the comment about our house being 'thphoid Mary' too. Pam

  7. Okay, I feel much better about my house. We don't live on a farm. Yet. :)

    I do like the phrase "pitch in or pitch a tent...hmmm"

  8. For the record, your house might be messy but I can vouch for the fact that your kids don't actually stink ;-). They smile sweetly and hug me often enough, if they stunk, I'd notice. And seriously, E is in middle school. I think the boys there smell worse than farm animals, right?

  9. 12 pairs of shoes? Lol I can imagine your feelings.