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December 20, 2011

December 20, 1969:This Day In History.

On this day many things happened throughout time. 
The Louisiana Purchase was completed - 1803
Thomas Edison privately introudced his light bulb - 1879
The movie "It's a Wonderful Life" had a preview showing for charity for the first time - 1946
Jennifer Campbell, a well known blogger and excellent mother came into the world -1969
Casey Campbell failed an AP world history final, and aced her spanish 2 exam -2011

Can you believe I aced my spanish final? I was proud of mys---IT'S MY MOM'S BIRTHDAY! 

Let's take a look at the life of this inspirational genius shall we? 

We all go through tough times in our life. But Jent had it bad! An inside look at her early years here.
Don't judge! Everybody goes through awkward phases, her's just happens to be cuter than all of ours!
Here our star is, learning her place, the kitchen! She's a fabulous cook, baker, and candlestick maker! Kidding about the candles, but if she wanted to Jent could. She can do anything!
Ah yes, big hair. Even my mom falls for the fads! Here she is being awarded her state FFA degree. I must get my talents from her ;)
Even the best people in the world have identity problems. Big leap into the future here, my mom is now married and having an identity crisis. #sarcastic
Jent's life is always in the fast lane! ... except for when she is watching from the bleachers!
Here is an example of the "I love taking pictures of myself" Phase! But man can my madre pull it off. She's one hawwwtt momma!
Jent doesn't let 3 kids slow her down, no way. She hiked along way this day in her camo pants that only she can pull off these days! #beingserouis
3 kids later and still that good looking?! <-- True dat!

She's a hard workin' momma thats for sure!
I interviewed my mom a couple days back. 
"If you could describe your highest achievement how would you?"
Jent: "My daughter, the eldest one of course, is just so... amazing. I did such a great job raising her, and now she makes me proud everyday!" 
Those weren't her exact words, but I'm sure it goes something like that! 
On a deathly serious note though, the 3 of us work super hard to make her proud!
Another phase of life, Aussie hats. But she rocks it man!

That is the life of my mom, my role model, the awesomest person ever. Thanks for reading, and sign the petition to make Jen's birthday a national holiday! 



  1. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you. B

  2. Happy Birthday, Jent! And nicely said Casey!

  3. Love this! Happy Birthday Jent! Good job Casey!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Casey, you did beautifully!!

  5. Happy Birthday! Very sweet post.

  6. Happy Birthday Jent. This is a beautiful tribute to you and how much you are loved. Good job with your kids, and Casey, you are a doll!