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December 10, 2011

Fine if that's the way you want it!

I am OK with that -for some reason I am not taken seriously as a cooking/recipe blogger, very few people out there comment on my recipe posts and even for this free giveaway not many people signed up - FREE people, what's not to like about FREE!  But I will take it as a challange and I will prove to anyone out there - HELLO is anyone out there? - that I can cook, I can bake and by gosh I am good at it!

But first things first - my Gooseberry Patch Church Supper cookbook give-away -


I so wish I could send all of you who entered a copy, it is a really good cookbook - Thanks to those who entered!

Buttons I will mail your cookbook out Tuesday - ENJOY!

But back to this challenge that has been set before me -

while I can do this:

Sleeve a cow!

Medicate livestock!

Clean out a leg pit (not just sit for a picture as it would appear)!

Help my kids with show calves!

Sweep out a bin!

Wash hog barns!

Run the grain cart!


Raise these 3 houligans!

Love this guy with all my heart!

Work pigs, but much to Chris' dismay I don't - I tell him if he ever becomes incapcitated I will do that chore but until then he can (and he can teach the kids, at this rate I hopefully will never have to do it again)!

I am the family chauffer!

But I am also pretty good cook and baker (if I do say so myself - which I just did)!
I have been known to make things like:

Chocolate cows!

Cakes that taste better than they look!

Homemade ice cream to die for - thanks to my Dad!

My chocolate chip cookies are demanded far and wide by young and old alike!

Mac and cheese that is so creamy and good you forget about the calories, which are too many to count!

A pot roast that will melt in your mouth!

Fried chicken that tastes like your great grandma made it herself!

I am the grill master at our house - when we were first married we splurged and bought some really good steaks, we were young and nieve and thought the man should do the grilling, he went out, put the steaks on, went back out, flipped them over, went back out, brought them in - we cut the top burnt layer off, we cut the burnt bottom layer off - I went back out with raw (much thinner) steaks and started the grilling over again - while Chris may not excell at grilling, but he is the champion of all champions at eating - he will eat anything I cook and never complains!

The biggest problem for me with a cooking post is that I suck at taking pictures of food - and that probably won't change but like everything else I do I will forge ahead and worry about the details later - just know that even if the pictures of the food aren't so good I promise that the taste is delicious!

So now that you know what I can do I am still not any good at cleaning (and it doesn't matter how much you challenge me Chris) that is just not one area I don't ever have a desire to excell at so you can also ignore the messy kitchen in the background of the food pics!


  1. You are a do it all kind of girl! I love the cow chocolate. So cute.

  2. And people think stay at home moms watch soaps and eat chocolates! YOU ROCK! I have your cookbook, and it IS a great collection. I just started filling up the syringes this last round of meds. The FIL was impressed! Woo! I'm still primarily "bar wench" and "shoot girl," but that's ok with me. At least my new Carhartt bibs kept me warm out there!

  3. You get way more comments than me. Lots more people read than comment. It's just the way it works. Keep on keepin' on, Jent!

  4. Thank you I hope I someday can make those gorgeous cakes like you. I have no doubt you are a wonderful cook and a incredible farmer. I am really hungry now. Wow your cookbook will now sit on my counter in Canada. Thanks so much I am so excited. I can hardly wait to try the recipes. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family from the other farm family to your North. B

  5. I love your posts... and I love that cookbook... AND I'll have you know we have had the Tuscan Soup several times (What an awesome find!) ;) You have a recipe fan here... If you say it is GOODe, then by golly it is good!

  6. I agree with what other commenters have said - way more people read than comment, that chocolate cow looks amazing (and so do the cakes), and you are amazing!

  7. i just started getting regular updates...so i will have to check out your recipes. im always looking for something...i look forward to reading more of your blog.

  8. My recipe posts don't generate many comments either. I finally figured out that everyone just wants pictures of cute goats!

  9. Maybe people don't comment on the recipe posts because THEY don't cook! (or don't cook often, like me!)

  10. I signed you up for the next great baker with Buddy. You got a chance to win it all.

  11. I would love to know your fried chicken recipe I am having a issue getting mine to turn out right the breading always falls off.

  12. I have to admit I don't comment very often, but I do read you regularly...your recent contest looked good, but right now there are things to decorate, gifts to wrap, family, in-law, and step family events to coordinate, meals to plan, coordinating to attend work parties, family parties, and friend parties, elementary Christmas concerts, high school band concerts, girl scouts (mom...don't forget you said that you would....), kids, pets, and livestock to feed on a more or less regular basis, plus working full time...pshew! Run a contest in February!

  13. My posts don't generate comments either. I, like you, think I am a very good cook and baker. I follow you and read all your posts. I need to comment more and will from now on. I'm with you on the challenge to be a better house cleaner.

  14. I am a new foollower, and I guess I never thought about the comments. I thought you might be too busy to take the time to read the comments. I will start commenting on blogs instead of in my head. LOL BTW--AMAZING cake and cookie pictures. Bet they tasted wonderful.

  15. I love reading your blogs! I hate I missed the one about the cook book. I LOVE cook books!

    I don't get many comments but I am still very new to the whole blog world. Thanks for following me!


  16. Congrats to Buttons.

    Jent you are soooo funny, thanks for making my day.
    See some of us do read your posts.
    Have a good one. Marjorie

  17. I am one of those that read your blog! I don't cook much (very sm kitchen no counter space)but I do like to read about the good food out there.
    keep up the good work.

  18. I think you and your blog are awesome! I have to admit I don't comment much because I do not have a computer, only my phone. It can be kind of a pain from just a phone!

  19. Dang!! You can do EVERYTHING!! I'm intimidated!! I don't cook because my kids asked me to stop but if it goes in the oven, I'm all about it. As far as the cleaning goes, you clean LOTS of stuff. Most of it happens to be OUTSIDE your house...

  20. I just found your blog from another blog I found on Pinterest, and although I haven't read much lately I had to comment and say I'm super excited to find another woman who works with pigs and sleeves cows and blogs! Can't wait to start following you!

  21. I can join you in the food-pictures department.
    I always forget until it's too late. Or my hands are yucked-up.
    I'm in love with the funny pink creature cake!