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December 1, 2011

I gave birth to a fitting team!

Well Hoosier Beef Congress is officially underway and this year all 3 kids are showing, they each fall into a different age category so this year I forced we agreed to sign up for the team fitting contest - let's just say that no one was hurt in the grooming of the calf, there was very little bickering and the kids did a great job as well!

Pre-contest Pow-wow!

Team Pic with Head Coach and Time Keeper Mary!

Bringing in the calf!

Isn't this sweet - she is straightening his collar not choking him like I originally feared!

Listening to the rules!

And we're off!

How many kids does it take to do a tail head - apparently all of mine!

Waiting on the judges!

Talking with one of the judges - the first thing he said to them was that they worked very well as a team - I couldn't of been prouder!

Once again they never cease to amaze me - the oldest only got annoyed once and that was when the middle grabbed two brushes and proceeded to do this funky dance and comb with both hands and sing a song - it was funny and very unprofessional all at the same time!

I dearly love these 3 kids!


  1. Awesome teamwork. It's amazing what kids can do if they have the opportunity. I always liked ratting the calf's tail the few times I was asked to do it. Great job!

  2. What great memories they will have! They are building relationships with each other that should last their whole lives. Even if they do get annoyed with each other on occasion, they will have these kinds of experiences to remind them of the importance of a family team. And it seems teamwork and group projects are huge things - in school and even in college these days. They'll be a step ahead! Good luck with everything!

  3. That is great it must make your heart swell watching your kids do so well. There will be plenty of time for fighting later.They are a great team. B

  4. Well, they wouldn't be your kids if they didn't do something goofy while they were out there...especially the middle one!

  5. Look at your kids! Even though my sister and I had our fair share of disagreements we loved doing team fitting together. I am definitely going to post this on the Sure Champ Facebook page. You should be very proud of your kids!

  6. You have a lot to be proud of the way it looks!

  7. I am so glad that your family enjoys doing things together and will have these memories to talk and laugh about in the years to come. Wish them good luck for me!!