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December 19, 2011

My Boy Is 9!

I still can't believe it has been 9 years since he was born!  We had his birthday party yesterday afternoon and go figure that for the 5th time out 9 years he chose a John Deere theme!

Now we are off on another year of adventure with this growing boy - he is really into building things with wood so he got several tools for his birthday and a gift certificate to Lowes for lumber - and after "Santa" nixed the miniature UPS truck, the conference chairs for meetings in his room and a Tempur-Pedic bed - you should see what "Santa" decided on for this 9 year old boy!


  1. that first photo is soo funny! boys and their green.. ours is that way too.

  2. That cake is DARLING! (I probably shouldn't call a confection for a 9-year-old boy darling, but oh well!) Good job, Mom! Happy, Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday I love the cake.Oh I can only imagine what he will make. B

  4. You almost had him on your birthday. That would have been fun