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December 31, 2011

That's not to say that I don't love receiving as well!

I AM BLESSED in so many ways, I received so many amazing Christmas and Birthday presents - but a couple truly touched my heart, made me smile and brought out a few tears as well!

Chris gave me this on Christmas morning -

A whole case of Boones Farm Snow Berry Creek - he even had the kids wrap it!
He gets me and I love it!

My baby's gave me this -

Charlie Browns Christmas book - it is a recordable book, they read the story and now I can listen to them read it to me for years!
They get me and I love it!

My parents gave me this for my Birthday -
It is a leather cuff with a metal plate that is engraved with "LIFE IS GOOD"!
Now my Mom will say "of course you love it you picked it out!" to which I would say "I know but when I said to them "I love this bracelet" they never hesitated, they didn't ask if I was sure they just bought it for me!" So don't ruin the moment Mom!
They get me (not sure they always understand how I work) but they knew it was me and I love it!
Happy New Year with many blessings!


  1. Ohh Boone's Farm...how yummmy you are! :) Great post!

  2. LOVE the book idea too! What a great gift from the other end of the reading spectrum! Happy New Year to you too!

  3. Looks like you did very well! Boones Farm Snow Berry Creek looks yummy!
    Cheers to a great New Year!~CLINK~


  4. Boones farm was Jim's. When we dated he had an old bottle in his farm pickup The one we went to check the cow with Happy New Year to you