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December 7, 2011

WW: Hoosier Beef Congress With Us

So excited, headed up to Indy to set up stalls and we are not all 5 riding in a single cab pick-up truck!

Setting up fan cage and arranging bedding - yes they have to do the work!


Team Fitting Contest - they placed 3rd overall - not to shabby since it was their first fitting contest ever!

Pep talk - all my kids have always talked or sang to the calf in the ring!

Headed into Showmanship - for the first 5 years they show I make them do showmanship after that it is their decision - my middle will do showmanship forever, my oldest not so much - once she completed her 5 years she was done, she will work all day in the barn but hates the ring!

In the make-up ring!

LOVE THIS - I just happened to look up and he was telling her she did a great job and kissed her forehead!

Waiting for the youngest 2 to go in the ring - we had been up since 3am washing calves and grooming - I couldn't wait to go back to bed!

In the make-up ring!

Pep talk from Dad!


  1. Wonderful family time! Looks like it was enjoyed by all!!

  2. Great pics, but I think I love the last one most of all (a kiss from Dad came in a close second!) Now rest a bit would ya? You are making me tired! ;-)

  3. That 3:00 am is too early for me.I would want a nap before noon

  4. Looks great family time. The pictures you added are so nice and the last picture was more adorable. Seem you all had fun. Enjoyed your blog .