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December 21, 2012

Am I Smart Enough For A Smart Phone?

So it's true, as connected and on top of it as I seem to be this household has not stepped into the world of smartphones but we are getting closer and closer everyday!

I posted this fall about losing my old orange flip phone and why it was so important to me - after finding it the poor thing went thru several more tramatic events that are slowly leading to its failure!  And this Insta-gram pic of Chris:

talking on a flip phone brought several comments of astonishment that he didn't have a smartphone!

But thanks to Verizon we are now hooked!

So to start with they sent us a Razr HD by Motorola:

And a Samsung Galaxy SIII:

Chris immediatly took the Razr which worked out great because I really liked the look of the Galaxy - I will say that for the first two weeks we were pretty much completely addicted to these phones - taking them everywhere, on them constantly - basically they never left our hands much to the dismay of the 3 kids who were itching to just touch them, stare at them in awe and download  countless useless apps on them - I will say after the first two weeks our obcessive use of them did drop off dramatically - I was seriously afraid we were not going to be able to afford to ever own any for fear of paying huge data usage bills every month!

Both of these phones worked out great for all kinds of purposes!

Chris-For the first two weeks, I couldn't put the phone down, learning, sorting, organizing, and discovering what the phone could do was fascinating. Having the weather with me at all times was usefull, and I realy liked the way the calendar worked. Calculator function, though simple, is another of my priorities, and this one worked well. The internet is handy on the job, but what I really used was just the simple portability of the internet even in our own home. I normaly use the desktop computer in my office for the internet, but I found myself accessing the internet from other areas of our home. What I realy need in a phone is convenient, secure, carrying. something that I won't lose climbing out of a grain bin, and I do not know if this fits the bill or not. Also....it is a bit cumbersome,...as a phone. It does lots of tasks well, but I have to look at it , press at least a couple icons, just to answer the phone. I never did figure out call waiting. Personal organizer, great. Portable internet access, great. Phone calls, fair. I can get my flip phone out while working and answer it with one hand. I can find most numbers I need quicker with my old phone. But the smart phone does save me time. I have several websites I visit daily, and I found myself using small openings to work this in, instead of spending time at my desk. I just wish it would fit in my pocket.

Jent -I loved the size of the Samsung screen, the camera did a great job for what I would use a camera phone for, it is very simple to use and understand!  There are only 2 things that I really didn't like about this phone - while the screen size was awesome for surfing the net, texting & social media it made the phone size just too big for my liking, it wasn't convienent, while it is extremely thin and light it felt too big for my back pocket (which is where I carry my phone right or wrong) and odd as it sounds the actual phone feature I found awkward, hard to use and because of the size of the phone it felt like I was holding a small book up to the side of my face!

I loved Chris having a smartphone because since the camera was easily accessed he actually took pics of me!!!

I think 'Santa' will hopefully be bringing some smartphones to The Campbell House this Christmas

December 4, 2012

HBC via Instagram

"prepping meals for Hoosier Beef congress, so nice just to go to the freezer for pork we raised! Pork BBQ and chili-which we always make w/sausage! #soexcited #HBC"
"sporting my fav sweatshirt to help keep me motivated for the long, memorymaking, tiring, fun weekend!  Now I have to go find my 'I will not tell my kid what to do in the show ring' t-shirt! #HBC"

"Most of the snacks packed! #HBC"

"Show clothes packed! #noeasytask #lovethisbag"

"So much for my plan of the kids are old enough now I won't have to get crap all over me-haven't loaded cattle yet and all ready got it up and down my jeans! #bestlaidplans"

"#myboots are on their way to Congress! #HBC"

"Watch out Indy, The Campbell's are in the big city!"

"A little pre-team fitting contest clipping! #HBC #thanksdad"

"Everybody is setting up for team fitting contest! #mommasnervous"

"The fitting team I gave birth to! #mommasproud #mommasreallynervous"

"My cow hair cocktail to ease my nerves! #redsolocup #mommasreallynervous"

"It's on! #HBC"

"It is too early for my feet to hurt! #myboots #mybootsaretired #hateconcrete!"

"#myboots & #cowbutts #HBC"

"EID's all around on the house by #BOAH! #HBC"

"They always end up this way!"

Lou took a pic of me clipping!

"My feet hurt again tonight! #mybootsaretired #myboots #stillhateconcrete"

"Cole & Otto #HBC"

"Making sure his steer eats everything"

"Just got home and afraid to take my boots off-early morning tmw and my feet are sore so not sure I will be able to get them back on! #myboots #mybootsaretired"

"I LOVE MY MOM! She brought us homemade cinnamon rolls, bacon & milk! #bestmomever #shesmine"

"I will not tell my kid what to do in the show ring" -first calf going in the ring in a minute and I am wearing my shirt and continually mumbling the words to myself! #wishmeluck oh #wishmykidsluck"

"Headed to the show ring-goodluck Casey #loveyou #HBC"

"The once over by Dad #HBC"

"In the ring-kid 1 #HBC"

"Kid 2 heading in the ring! #HBC"

"Adopted kid 3 headed into the ring! He even smiled #rare #HBC"

"I always end up on breakdown duty!"

"Kid 4 and final one in the ring!"

"The Manning sticker made it on the showbox and we showed it off proudly at 2012 #HBC"

"#mybootsaretired, dirty & ready to go home along with the rest of me! #myboots Now who's gonna load the trailer? #HBC"

"Exhausted calves!"

"May still be here tmw-so tired!"



"In full disclosure while #HBC is fun this is what the area by the back door to my house looks like after 4 days there! #yeswearemessy #slobs #tootiredtoworrytoday"
P.S. My kids would like to personally thank Verizon & Michelle Gilbert of Verizon & Kyle Communications for letting me try out the smart phone responsible for my Instagram posts - with out it I would of spent the time it took me to take these pics hounding them in the show ring!!!!

November 9, 2012

Never A Dull Moment!

So I've said before how much I love my kids and truly how hard working they are (don't tell them I said that they will get a big head) and Friday nights are no different this time of year!

We are getting the calves ready for Hoosier Beef Congress so as soon as everyone got home from school it was boots on and out to the barn - pretty normal afternoon/evening - well except for the lack of bickering - come to think of it - but anyway I won't look a gift horse in the mouth!  So six calves haltered and tied up and 2 calves washed and dried later we are walking calves around the lot while the middle is still washing (fighting the good fight against the dingleberry's) when Cole and I head in with his steer- tie him (the steer not Cole) up and head in the house to start supper!  As usual the very first thing Cole does when he walks in the door is take his britches off (I have no idea why but anytime he comes in they are usually off within 10 minutes) I am in the kitchen he is sitting there talking to me and when I look out the window I see a calf dart across the yard, accross the road and into the field - I holler calf out all hands on deck and run out the door -

I see Casey in the field with the calf - Emi Lou in the middle of the road stopping traffic and I hear Cole come out the door and yell "where do you want me Mom" - without looking up I say get down there and stop traffic that way if there is any - as the calf makes a u-turn and starts to come back across the road I quickly look both ways to make sure there is no traffic and that the other two are doing there job - Lou is fine and a quick look to my right and standing smack dab in the middle of the road is my boy - Tshirt, whitie tighties and cowboy boots - and the calf runs past me -

"Ummmm Dude where are your britches????"

"MOM there is a calf out I know what to do and it is to get the job done and get the calf in not mess around"

"Dude putting britches on is NOT messing around!"

He makes my heart smile!

November 4, 2012

My Phenomenal Apple Cookies

Yeah I said it!!!

Well technically I typed it, and I am actually just quoting what someone else called them and really they aren't 'mine' - I found the recipe about 10 years ago in a magazine but anyway here you go!

 These are giant cookies and they are really better when you make them really big-so don't fear the giant cookie!
They are also made with brown sugar - I like really light colored cookies so the first time I made these I took them out of the oven too soon and they weren't done but I thought they were because they were getting dark - so don't fear the dark cookie!
One of the key components (like how technical that sounds-key component!) of these cookies is apple cider - use it, don't forget it, don't use apple juice (I tried just didn't work for me) and if your lucky like me you will have the best United Feed salesperson who also happens to own an apple orchard and leaves gallons of it in the hog fridge!

Iced Apple Cookies

2 c. flour
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. nutmeg
1 1/3 c. light brown sugar, packed
3/4 c. unsalted butter, softened
1 large egg
1 c. chopped apple
1/4 c. apple cider

optional pecans, raisins, well just about anything your heart desires!

Preheat oven to 350 degrees - cream the butter and sugar in a large bowl, add the egg, combine the flour, baking soda, cinnamon, salt, nutmeg in a bowl and gradually add to the butter-sugar-egg mixture until combined then add in chopped apples & apple cider stir to combine.

Drop by LARGE spoonfuls onto cookie sheet - I use a scoop just about the size of an ice cream scooper- DON'T FEAR THE GIANT COOKIE!

Bake for 18-22 minutes - seriously - DON'T FEAR THE DARK COOKIE!

For the icing mix together 2 Tbls. softened butter, 3 c. powdered sugar & about 6 Tbls. of apple cider - after the cookies cool drizzle - yep DRIZZLE on the cookies - my theory has always been the more icing the better but I learned with these the drizzle is the key!

Now hide at least 2 of these for yourself because the minute you holler cookies they will be gone!

November 1, 2012

Tweets From The Tractor Seat

or "Tractor Seat Tweets" or "Tweets from a Twit" or "A Twit in a Tractor Seat Tweeting" or

Harvest '12 is done and I am slamming the book closed, putting it in a box, taping it up tight and burying it in the basement!  2012 has not been my favorite year and while harvest went safe and for the most part smooth I am glad to see it done!

With just under 500 acres of corn to combine on the west side of the county we moved all the equipment to Union Township and got to work!

Here they are the last few days of our harvest thru Instagram and Twitter:

Tweet: "no matter how many times I do it sitting at a stoplight in a tractor always feels weird!"

Tweet: "WOW should of stayed away from the onion at lunch good thing I am in this cab alone!"

Tweet: "'tweets from the tractor seat' new blog post coming soon, I think I am hysterical after all day in a tractor cab by myself!"

Tweet: "stalk stompers stomp stalks - say that 3 times fast & then get back w/me #harvest12 #tonguetwisters"

Tweet: "first person to show up out here at the field w/3 grill bar tacos & cold beer will be my BFF - anyone?"
no one took me up on this and for the record I would never drink and operate heavy machinery!!!!

Tweet: "love that my Mom always has a sense of humor even though I know she is sad about my Dad #cancersucks"

Tweet: My all time fav pic to take

Tweet: watching corn flow from unloading auger on the cab cam mesmerizes me!

Tweet: So thinkin' I might show up at #FFAconv12 in my white sweetheart jacket- is that cool or just sad & pitiful? I say cool!

Tweet: Grain cart duty calls-get ready to laugh & cry w/me or figure out how to block me - #drought12 not so good for graincart duty #sitalot

Tweet: just saw a coyote #notfunny but true - just getting warmed up

Tweet: my view today #dustywindows and a kink in my neck at the end of the day #lovemylife 

Tweet: I hope to see a deer today so I can tweet 'HOLY BUCK'

Tweet: Do chickens ever sue for fowl working conditions?
    full disclosure requires me to state that I tweeted this earlier in the year but thought it funny enough to tweet again for my new followers!

Tweet: 10 min to kill - nap or try to master angry birds #thatisthequestion

Tweet: "I don't consider myself high maintinance but I do like toilit paper and a toilit #hatesquatting"

Tweet: Always an adventure moving equipment thru the hills of union township-it's the small heart attacks I don't like


Tweet: got cab fever-haha get it-tractor cab-fighting the urge to tweet song lyrics #somethingIneverdo #notafanofit

Tweet: 25 miles from home in a tractor & get call from 9 & 13 yrold-show calves out but we got this mom #lovemykids

Tweet: interesting fact: I have a camera lens in my back pocket so much I have a ring-kids get asked if their Mom chews skoal

Tweet: love him #farmsmatter and so do farmers

Tweet: Today's version brought to you by #sunset

Tweet: HOLY BUCK another big one

Tweet: gonna be a long day #angrybirds is already making me angry #stillingraincart

Tweet: I really wish this cornfield had a little girls room #gottago

Tweet: so who's up for bringing me brownies & #milk to the field? #farmsmatter & this farmhand is hungary

Tweet: suppose it is a wasted tweet to ask who is bringing me supper to the field since noone showed up w/brownies & milk earlier

Tweet: "yeah that's what I thought"
referring to the above tweet about supper!

Tweet: Today's version brought to you my #sameboots #samejeans #sametractor #samejob #differentday #differentfield

Tweet: hungary & kids claim no one has stopped by the house & left roast & mashed pots for supper-dang

Tweet: Advtg to wearing work jeans 3 days in a row-you convince yourself you've lost weight cause they're baggy

Tweet: my grain cart buddy today

Tweet: when this is my view & i hear "met the man who plowed that field, planted that field" i get cold chills #cornybuttrue

Tweet: less than 200 acres to go #lightattheendofthetunnel #killingtime

Tweet: that moment when you can sing every word of a song & never miss a beat & are pretty sure you should move to nashville!

Tweet: Beautiful #Indiana day! #farmsmatter #flyoverstate

Tweet: #harvest12 #farmsmatter #flyoverstate #lovemylife #livingthedream

Tweet: View from my "church pew" this Sunday morning-in the middle of one of Gods greatest creations an Indiana cornfield! #Godiseverywhere #farmsmatter #lovemylife #veryblessed #harvest12

Tweet: fried chicken sounds amazing right now-so hungary!

Tweet: & mashed potatoes & gravy

Tweet: & greenbeans cooked in bacon fat w/big pieces of bacon in them

Tweet: and biscuits or homemade bread-can't decide but won't be picky if someone brings this to the field right now

Tweet: and finish it off w/a big ole' slice of lemon merg, pie #sundaydinner #dinnerislunch

Tweet: note to self: get uni-brow waxed asap!

Tweet:  99 acres of corn to go 99 acres of corn combine 1 down haul it home 98 acres of corn #lightattheendofthetunnel #under100

Tweet: "i'm pretty lucky most kids have never driven a tractor or combine & thas just sad" words from my 9yr old #farmsmatter

Tweet: Peeking thru the clouds at almost #sunset in the cornfield!

Tweet: #sunset from the tractor cab in my #indiana #cornfield #farmsmatter #flyoverstate

Tweet: let's get to the point let's roll another joint #firstsongstatuspostever

Tweet: i'm a picker i'm a grinner i'm a lover i'm a sinner #secondsongstatuspost #q95 #imbored #wheresthesemi


Tweet: next song quote was gonna be from rocked you like a hurricane but seemed in sensitive to those on east coast right now

Tweet: #chipotle can bite me-there "no added hormone" halloween commercial is a crock

Tweet: 47 acres of corn to go 47 acres of corn combine one down haul it home 46 acres of corn to go-everybody now!

Tweet: and again the inventor of the differential lock is my hero! #johndeere

Tweet: hope to be done tonight-can't wait to be home tmw when kids get off the bus instead of them texting me about their day 

Tweet: <20 acres to go & tailings elevator link broke #youhavegottobekidding #whodidntknockonwood

Tweet: new rider -combine fixed 12 acres to go #knockonwood

Tweet: Back up and running and the sun came out! 12 acres to go!

Tweet: The 13 year old is running the grain cart for the 9 year old running the combine -unloading on the go!! 

Tweet: Sunset on #harvest12 -a beautiful #indiana sunset just as we finished our last field! #veryblessed

Tweet:  The last grain cart load goin in the semi and headed home! #harvest12 #farmsmatter

And we "officially" finished harvest 2012 -

 that's my story and I am sticking to it - I know what's good for me!

Tweeters/Twits Disclaimer: I am fed very well when in the field thanks to my MIL -I just tend to think about food a lot!!!!!