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January 17, 2012

Booty Up!

Yeah - that is exactly what the tag read on the Wranglers that I opened!
Yeah - my kids died laughing (well maybe not died so much as coming close to being murdered for laughing so hard at my expense)
Yeah - Chris snickered (he knew better than to laugh out loud) and asked "What the heck did you buy those for?"
Yeah - I have the need, desire or place to wear "Booty Up" jeans like I  have the need, desire or place for another pair of shit covered boots, another kid, a hole in the head - well you get the idea!

My disclaimer:  I am going to be brutally honest I can't help it - it's just who I am!

When I got the email that asked if anyone wore Wrangler jeans, had a kid or husband who wore Wranglers because Wrangler was looking to give jeans away for review - 3 men's, 3 kids and 3 women's - I got excited - I wear Wranglers everyday and so does the boy - I shot back an email faster than you can say "Wrangler butts drive me nuts" that included my make, model, size and length, I also included the boys just in case they weren't interested in my butt driving anyone nuts!

So these are the style of Wranglers I wear everyday:
2 things - Leave it to a kid to take a picture of my butt for no reason and then me to actually need it and post it here (I am shuddering) and I do not chew skoal that is a camera lens cover in my back pocket!
I love them!  They fit my, shall we say slightly odd shape, "healthy size thighs and butt" with a tiny waist (comparatively speaking of course), they aren't exactly "teacher, mom" jeans but they do come up high enough in the back that I am not mistaken for a plumber!  I found them one day at Tractor Supply, they are reasonably priced for the way I abuse jeans, they look good with boots and tennis shoes, they are at least 99% cotton (very important to me - I can't stand spandex and polyester in my jeans) - I won't lie - I own 5 pairs already and was pretty psyched to own 6! 

But when the package came, inside was a completely different kind of jean than anything I am accustomed to:

while they are nothing like I normally wear they weren't all bad - a little dressy for me as I don't often wear dressy jeans but once everyone passed the snickering stage over the "booty up" tag they all actually said that they did look good on me - way too long - I order a 36 length in my other jeans so they are long enough for my boots these in a 36 were wwwaaayyy too long and I wasn't wearing flats either!

So while I probably won't be wearing these too often and won't be ordering another pair I still love Wrangler jeans -

 I wear mine for work, play and

 for as dressed up as I get!

Now head on over to The Real Farmwives of America Blog and see who else got some Wrangler jeans to try!

While Wrangler did provide me with the jeans to review the thoughts, opinions and pictures are all mine!

I will end with this Wrangler butt so that there is no adverse effects to the previous pictures!


  1. The name is hilarious but the jeans look great on you!! Take them to a tailor and get them hemmed and you can wear them all the time! Or if you sew, then you can hem them and they will look great!

  2. I agree with Sarah! Those jeans are keepers.

  3. Great looking...glad that wasn't a skoal can!

  4. I think they look great on you!!! A little long yes, but fabulous!!!! Love the name! Oh and people always think I have a can of chew in my back pocket as well....camera lens.

  5. I have been wanting to try these, but live in a remote area & nobody carries them around me. I think they looke great too!! I'm thinking my horse & cowboy would like the way I look in them because my 45 yr. old butt needs all the help it can get. It could be in one of those "I've fallen but I can't get up" commercials.....

  6. They look great on you! I also dont get anywhere to get dressed up very often, but I do like to look nice going to the grocery store or Walmart. Rock them jeans!

  7. the jeans look GREAT on you..goggle European style jean hemming and save yourself some hemming fees..It's what they do to keep the original hem roll...
    ~~peace & love & joy & blessings~~

  8. Those jeans look awesome on you!! Go get 'em hemmed girl!! Then wear 'em out with your sweetie!!

  9. I love those jeans!! Save them for the times when you have to/need to dress up and then you stress out about what to wear. They won't have manure on them or be lost in the laundry room...perfect!

  10. I'm with Sarah too. Hem them, and wear the bejesszus out of them. You Rock!

  11. I hem my but I am going to see theEuropeon style jeans hemming . Maybe you should too Like the back pockets Jeans look great

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