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January 26, 2012

Definitely My Girl!

So we are sitting at the supper table this evening discussing how every one's day was when the middle kid says:

"We had a substitute teacher today in one of my classes, it was the same woman who was the student teacher in my 2nd grade class - she remembered me Mom, isn't that cool - she came up to me and said:
'Emi Lou I remember you because you walked into 2nd grade one day looked down at your cowboy boots and said "Oh man I have shit on my boots can I go outside and scrap it off?" , it was so funny'
- I can't believe she remembered me!"


  1. Thanks for the laugh! It's good to be memorable!

  2. I guess you taught her right. What else do you call it!!!

  3. HAHAHA! Oh, I can only imagine what the teachers will say about my kids. . .

  4. This is too funny! P.S. I am passing a blog award on to you : ) All the details are in my latst post.

  5. Too Funny ! I laughed out loud when I read at my desk at work !

  6. I just blew orange juice out my nose! That's what we call it out on the farm, and every animal makes it, cows, pigs, chickens and the worse, cats. Ewww!

    There are lots of reasons for teachers to remember students, and that one is very innocent and endearing.

  7. A good pair of boots will always get you remembered.