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January 6, 2012

It's the happ-happiest time of the year!

At least for Chris - he has 3 main seasons:  Planting, Harvesting and Tax!

Oh how he loves tax season (sadly I am not being sarcastic), it makes him giddy - no really it does, there is no other word for it!

"A culmination of a year's worth of numbers coming together in so many forms - balance sheets, income statements, accrual vs. cash, 1099's, w-2's, cash flows, oh my - and then they all NEED to be analyzed, re-analyzed, over analyzed and then there is the over analyzation of the over analyzation!" 
Now try saying 'over analyzation' three times fast!

This year has been particularly interesting as we have ventured out on the edge and bought a new software program to keep our books on!

Just a brief background:  When we got married (20 years ago) Chris had an Apple desktop computer and was keeping his books on it using Farm Ledger Pro, about 2 years into marriage we bought a new computer and delved into the world of Horizon for Agriculture bookkeeping - a DOS based program - now 18 years later our farm books are entering the Windows world with RedWing CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture - I don't believe I have ever seen Chris this excited (sadly once again no sarcasm)  - I swear the other day I heard him giggling in his office, he came skipping into the kitchen to inform me of all the "amazing" things that you can do when you right click with a mouse - no joke - I just smiled and patted him on the head!

Chris loves numbers and book keeping, I swear he could find out exactly how much I spent on deodorant in the year 2006 and least we never forget the time 15 years ago when I was entering expenses into the computer and I accidentally applied a tux rental for a friends wedding into a business deductible account that he caught only after the taxes were filed - my gosh we could of been audited for deducting that expense as a business expense when clearly that was not business!

We do have a friendly competition this time of year the 'nane nane boo boo i spent less than you' award and bragging rights to the individual who spent the least amount of money last year on medical expenses - I know we are just too fun!  We have self employed health insurance - nuff said!  Nothing is covered - no medicines, no co-pays - everything is out of pocket we (luckily because we are healthy!) never come close to meeting a deductible as they range somewhere between $5000 - $11,000 per person - in January when we add up the expenses for each persons dr. visits and prescriptions are added up we declare a winner - I don't win but am looking forward to inching ahead of Emi Lou next year as we are pretty sure she is going to have to have her tonsils out this year which will obviously edge her out for the 2012 award and put me one place higher - but then after that she may sweep 2013 and beyond as the only thing she ever goes for is Strep - which she gets if someone even whispers the word in a mile radius of her!

Yesterday Chris and I spent the day looking for a solid manure spreader - covering parts of Ohio and the east side of Indiana, yes it was harder to find than you think - I heard and said the phrase 'slop gate' more times yesterday then in the last 42 years combined - now say 'slop gate' three times fast - we finally found one in North Vernon and as I wrote the check Chris just kept saying he couldn't wait to get home and enter the check in Center Point and spreader into equipment (once again no sarcasm just pure excitement)!


  1. Can we hire him??? I strongly dislike numbers and always wait until the last minute to start.

  2. Too funny!! TWH is that way with "gadgets". He loves to fiddle with them, find out what they'll do, then come running to tell me about it. Giggling with glee the ENTIRE time!!

  3. Well now can I seriously borrow him I have yet to tackle my mound of farm paperwork I am a awful procrastinator. I have not a nice new program and will be doing it by hand the old fashioned way.
    I can get it right down to the last buck also but our operation is not as big as yours.
    Like you we are lucky not to have had to buy any prescriptions yeah, we always pray that will stay the same. We are lucky to live in Canada where most everything else is covered thank goodness.
    Have fun I do hope you get a big refund cheque. Funny your check and my cheque. LOL. B

  4. My husband loves numbers. I hate them. Give me words any day. But I have vowed to be better informed. I am trying ... really, I am, and it's helped that our records are now on computer (and I'm better at the computer than the hubby.) But I will never be giddy about numbers. EVER!

  5. Really ? Exitement?
    I deal with numbers every single day. When it comes to Taxes, however, I can pull my own hair. My husband is worse. He dumps every single paper on me. Wish me luck.