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January 7, 2012

It's just one of the things we do!

Drive to the middle of Illinois (sometimes Iowa) to look at farm equipment - I hadn't really given it to much thought till this particular trip when the oldest announces from the backseat of the truck:
"These are my favorite vacations!"

VACATION - really? Has she never met her father (and I swear it is the man riding in the truck with us) - unless you are going somewhere for more than 3 nights, you are out of corn country and you haven't been there multiple times NEVER refer to it as a vacation - he will then consider driving to the middle of corn country to look at farm equipment your yearly vacation - he has this mindset (and the whole financial thing) that he doesn't have time for a vacation hardly once a year - so one should never use the term "vacation" unless you are on an actual non-agricultural work related excursion!

As soon as she said this last night I started having one of my conversations where I imagine someone is actually talking to me and I am answering them:

"Yes yes we do take our children on vacations, oh yes nice ones to. . .  oh gosh let's see we have been to Disney World several times, met Mickey Mouse, rode rides, princesses the whole works, skiing in Colorado in 4-5 different resort towns, Mt Rushmore and the Black Hills, all of the museums in Chicago, Myrtle Beach, Daytona Beach, lots of historical learning experiences, Yellowstone National Park was an amazing experience for the 5 of us . . . .  what? Of course we always take the children, it is so fun for us to experience these great places with our kids!"

The statement above always reminds me of our Chicago expericene:
2 years ago I talked Chris into taking us to Chicago over spring break - just for a couple of days - I wanted the kids to experience staying in a city and see the great museums - Wow that was not one of my better ideas - 3 particular things happened on that trip that really let me know what kind of people we are and what we enjoy doing as a family!  My goal was 4 days in the city - plenty of time to look in museums, walk around the city, soak in the atmosphere! I knew it might be chilly but it was downright freezing, we suck at figuring out public transportation (but did try), almost refuse to pay for cab rides - I will never live down making everyone walk from the aquarium to Navy Pier in 32 degree weather along the shore of Lake Michigan with a gusty lake wind blowing - it sucked or well it blew!

1. We rode the train into the city, walked out the door of Union Station, looked around, Chris started studying the map (he is a map connoisseur often referred to as MapBoy) couldn't figure out where he was or which direction was North - whipped out his cell phone and in the middle of the sidewalk was swinging his phone around trying to calibrate the compass and cussing loudly  (which is not characteristic of him, me definitely - but not him)!

This is truly how I felt the whole time we were in the city - how my kids always take pics of me in situations like these blow my mind!

2. Once when trying to find our way around the city we were crossing the canal for the 4th time when Emi Lou says rather loudly "Haven't we crossed this creek like a hundred times" - I just stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, laughed hysterically and said "Yes we have crossed this several times but I think they call it a canal in the city not a creek!"

3. On the morning of day 4 Chris wakes up at 6am turns on every light in the hotel room announces loudly "Get up, get ready, pack your stuff - I have decided we are driving 7 more hours west to the middle of Iowa to look at a tractor - we are done with this city!"  The kids screamed for joy and in less than 30 minutes were dressed, packed and sitting in the truck waiting for me yelling "HURRY UP MOM - let's go look at a tractor!" - and to I'll be honest I was right behind them ready to leave and never see Chicago again!

We took more pictures the 2 days that we went to look at the tractor than the 3 days we were in Chicago!

This is seriously a posed picture in the lot at the John Deere store!

Chris and I both test drove and every kid got to ride!

We stopped by the combine factory as well - Chris and I have toured the factory's on other trips but all kids aren't old enough yet for tours but they wanted stop there anyway!  That is actually a big trip that we are all planning the minute the youngest turns 12 - a whirl wind John Deere tour of the factory's - we like to dream big!

But for this ultimate agriculture (not vacation) get away we are looking for a drop deck semi trailer for a bulk seed handler and also taking in Springfield, Illinois and learning all about Honest Abe and truly having a blast doing it our way!

Touching Abe's nose for luck!

Posing with the Lincoln Family in front of the White House!

And of course pretending to pick Abe's nose!

We are nothing but class!


  1. Great post!!! I would never get Brad to go to Chicago but I'm not sure I want to go anyway!

  2. Haha, loved this post. I can see this as a future in my family as well. Especially pretending to pick Abraham Lincoln's nose!

  3. thats sounds so familiar! too funny
    i tagged you in my 11 post, stop by. its fun!

  4. I found you through Buttons this morning...and I had to chuckle at this post! My sister and family live in Evanston (suburb of Chicago), and I can feel your pain! I'd never try to navigate the city without them...but when you're with someone who knows how to get around and what to see, it's much more fun! :)

  5. Too funny! I can totally relate - even the nose picking! My sister-in-law lives in Chicago and doesn't think twice about the traffic. She hates driving here when critters jump out of ditches and dogs chase her down the road! :)