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January 10, 2012

Seriously Amazing Mac & Cheese!

I'm not kidding, I could eat a whole 9x13 of this stuff by myself - and low fat it ain't - so you just have to prepare this, eat this and don't think about what it might be doing to your thighs - because once you taste this and then devour the whole pan you will think to yourself - "OMG what have I done" then see that if you scrap the pan you can get one more bite and say "who cares it was totally worth it!"

disclaimer - Do not judge the taste of this dish by my pictures, these pics do not do this mac & cheese justice!  I am also not responsible for any addiction problems that may arise once you make this!

The original recipe for this I got from a great friend (Hi Emily) but as she knows I don't follow recipes very well and so tweeked this until I got it just to my liking - but have no fear Emily I will post a recipe with measurements and everything at the bottom!

I am a really creamy mac & cheese person and for me the way I make this is perfect!

Go to the fridge and grab all this stuff:

Your gonna need milk, heavy cream, one egg, a whole stick of butter, Velveeta and just start grabbing any and all kinds of cheese you have!  I happen to have Colby Jack, Fontina, Gouda and Havarti - but I have also used Parm (fresh grated as well as the stuff in the green can), cream cheese, American, all kinds of cheddar, mozzarella - if it's cheese toss it in!

Alright - start by cooking your macaroni - I use 3 cups for a 9x13 pan!

Then get a big bowl and start mixing everything else - start with your egg and give it a good whisk, add your milk and heavy cream, toss in all your cheeses and chunk up the whole stick of butter - toss in your cooked and drained macaroni!

Go ahead, don't think about it just give it a good stir and put it in your 9x13 and cover with foil - pop it in the oven and let it cook for about an hour - if you can wait that long!  In the meantime take all those great cheese's and slice a few up, pour yourself a beer, tell the kids you are in the middle of cooking supper not to bother you then sit down, surf the net and enjoy your snack while supper cooks!

When you take the foil off - just look at all that melted butter (look don't think) - if you like yours with a little brown color and crispy top be sure you take the foil off for the last little bit of cooking - but me I like it to melt in my mouth so I don't brown

Seriously Amazing - I'm Not Kidding!

My Favorite Mac&Cheese

3 cups dry macaroni - cooked and drained

2 cups milk
3/4 cup heavy cream
1 cup Velveeta
2 - 2 1/2 cups other cheese - any combination you like
1 stick of butter
salt & pepper

Combine all ingredients, put in a 9x13, cover with foil and bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes to an hour!

Now if you will excuse me I am going to go make this for supper - wasn't the plan but after writing this it is all I can think about!

Oh and if your still here (hello are you still with me or are you already headed to your kitchen?) you should head over to Two Maids a Milking and check out Amy's Mac & Cheese recipe and the other links!


  1. I made the blog!!!

  2. I was just thinking about what to have and mac & cheese was on my list. I will give this a shot (and try not to have it done before the rest of supper is, so I won't be tempted to start nibbling!)

  3. I will have to make that for the next family get together, that way I know there won't be any leftovers and I can just have a taste:)

  4. I must say it sure looks good.

  5. And just why didn't you make me a pan when you were at my house today?? Yummy! We'll have to try this.

  6. I am going to try a variation of your mac and cheese, don't have any fresh milk or cream, but will use evap. milk instead and rotini pasta, no elbows in the pantry. I am sure it will turn out great, thanks for the recipe.
    also, I loved your post about your vacations, some of ours have included stops at dairy farms and looking at equipment. We did take a trip to NY city for part of spring break one year, probably about 20 yrs ago, we ended up walking back to our hotel one afternoon, as from the top of the Empire state bldg it didn't look far, ha ha, I think we figured it was about 4 miles after. thanks for bringing back the memories. and happy travelling. Pam

  7. Already in my kitchen - are you kidding?! I'm still trying to wipe the drool off the keyboard! :) I'm a little addicted to cheese...

  8. Seriously I love Mac and Cheese. B

  9. Both sound equally yummy. No calories, right? :)

  10. I made this recipe as written and it was deliciously yummy; my family loved it (this includes my son who is a picky eater). I was a wee bit skeptical about the amount of liquid called for, but it thickened up as it cooled. I do believe I have found my go-to-mac-n-cheese recipe. Thanks!

  11. Hi There, Well I found your mac n cheese recipe/blog and can't decide which I like more...maybe I'll try eating the macaroni while reading your posts!

    Chris Kazanjian