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January 25, 2012


One of our winter shop projects is fixing the 2940 - it wouldn't stay in high range - the only way to fix this problem is to split the tractor to be able to get to the hi/lo unit!  I wonder if we can say we now have two 1470's????

NICE JACKSTANDS - he built them himself!

I would have a few more pics but he kept making me get wrenches - couldn't he see I was busy!

Standing in the middle of a tractor!

The guilty party - came out when he drained the hydrolic fluid!  Now to find the rest of it!

Today he went even deeper looking for the problem - he pulled the rock shaft cover off looking to see where the broken part came from - and he had success - now to start fixing and putting back together!

Last night Casey went down to the shop to see it and when she walked in she said "What are you doing to the tractor Dad?" Chris looked at her and said "It was too short so I am making it longer by adding a piece in the middle!" - she seriously had to stop and think about it before she realized he was kidding!

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  1. We had to split a International 885 once fun job. It is lucky you have too very capable mechanics there. Love the making it longer joke. B