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January 11, 2012

Sweet 16

I can hardly believe that 16 years ago today Casey Elizabeth Campbell blessed us with her presence - a week late and forced out  induced to join us in this world because I was sick of carrying her for the sake of her and me!

I can remember the first ultrasound - Chris was determined we were not going to find out what she was - it was to be a surprise!  I said "It's a surprise now or a surprise later - it is still a surprise and I vote for now" - I was vetoed - for a whole 15 minutes!  During the ultrasound the technician asked if we would like to know, Chris said no, she said well I will put the picture and sex in a sealed envelope and if you decide you want to know you can look!  Yeah we made it out to the car and he says "Give me the damn thing I can't wait" - we learned we were having a girl!

I can remember trying to agree on a name - we bought a baby name book, two highlighters (different colors) and we took turns reading names and highlighting which ones we liked.  He loved the name Casey - I loved the name Elizabeth, I wanted to call you Lizzie - he was afraid you would murder us one day (no joke, his words) so thanks to Lizzie Bordon killing her parents she was given the name Casey Elizabeth!

I can remember the week she was actually due we had tons of snow and winds - just east of our house the road was actually closed for several days but not the road between our house and town - thanks to Chris and his Dad!  They spent hour after hour in the tractor clearing a path in the road to where the snow plows were clearing just in case I went into labor - My SIL was positive that we were going to be on the cover of The Daily Journal because Chris was going to have to rush me to the hospital in the tractor with the blade clearing the roads as we went!  Chris was so disappointed that a week later my Dr. decided to induce and told us what time to check into the hospital!  That evening we got in the truck, stopped for dinner at AppleBee's, stopped at CVS and picked up some Carmex and fingernail clippers and headed to the hospital - not near the exciting rush to the hospital he had envisioned - but he was fully prepared as he had a whole Ziploc bag full of change for the snack machine - you know something to do while I was just laying in bed waiting!

I can remember the day we brought her home - as we were getting ready to leave the hospital we asked the Dr. how warm her room needed to be (we didn't have forced heat upstairs) - he said "at least 60 -63 degrees" - oops the thermometer we had placed in her crib the night before read 54 degrees that morning - her first stop after leaving the hospital would be Wal-Mart to buy a space heater!  After that we came home, we walked in the house, we went upstairs and laid her on the bed between us and looked at each other and said "Now what?" - I can remember we kept thinking it was harder and more paperwork to buy a car than to bring a helpless newborn home from the hospital and at least the car would of came with an owners manual!

And today she is 16 - 16 years old!  It's a miracle we both made it to this day, I am so blessed to have her and I love her with all of my heart - she is definitely one of my top 3 favorite kids!  I wanted to throw a huge sweet 16 party - she nixed that, I said how about having a few friends over - she said "nah", I said let me make you a big cake - she said "could you just make a yellow cake with choc. icing out of a can?"!  The other day I said "OH MY GOSH K you are going to be 16 this week do you feel . . . .anything?" she said "Nope" - takes after her father in the emotions (or lack of) department!

Her smile and laughter are contagious, always have been!

Happy Birthday Doodle Bug - you are one of my favorite people, aw what the heck - today you are my favorite!!!!!!


  1. My daughter will turn 16 this year too:( Goes too fast!! She is gorgeous, you are a very proud momma:)

  2. Happy Birthday! It goes so fast, doesn't it?!

  3. That was supposed to be Sweet 16 not Sweet 26! Dang touch screen ;0)

  4. Happy Birthday!
    ~~peace & love & joy & blessings~~

  5. She IS such a sweet girl and I'm thankful my girls have her to look up to.

  6. Awwwwww..... My Miss A will be 16 in March. I call her Doodlebug too because when she was little, her hair was so curly it looked like those spiral doodles you draw when you're talking on the phone. It's hard to believe they're growing up so fast!!

  7. I think they should make a manual for new Moms.