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January 13, 2012

Things On My Mind!

It's Friday night, it's cold out, I have a cold, I am a little grouchy and I can't turn my wandering mind off:

*Top Producer came in the mail today - if I sat down and read all the farm magazines that come thru this house I would never get anything else done so I usually just flip thru one now and then but this issue caught my attention for more time than the standard glimpse:

- the article entitled "High-Profile Crash of A Titan" caught my attention - I can't gracefully and politically correctly (is that even a word) articulate my thoughts on this article or the farm it is about - that is bugging me - I am usually very vocal with my opinion and I have an opinion on this I just can't formulate intelligently how I feel.

- so did the article "Changes In Child Work Orders" - I know this has been talked about for a while now - I try to stay away from controversial and political stuff - this blog was for me, a way to remember the things that I am afraid I will forget during this time I feel like a chicken with it's head cut off - anyway this has been in the back of my mind for sometime (scary place back there).  I have read several different articles on this issue, as well as blog posts - one caught my attention and made me smile:

It was "Confessions of a FarmWife" by Emily

Her wording of the possible citation issued to her husband for having their young daughter with him on the farm:
"Six year old and 36 year old cited for spending time together, outside, exerting energy and breathing in fresh air, all while using muscles and brain power to climb up and down off of equipment, through fences and over green pastures."

Two post I wrote along the lines of kids working on the farm -
Raising Kids on the Farm for Indiana Family of Farmers Blog
Earning Their Keep

*Nyquil - as I write this my nose is stuffed up and I just want to go to bed am considereing going ahead and taking Nyquil and just call it a night - it's 7pm on a Friday night, yeah I am old and I am OK with that but the big problem is that if I take it this early it may not keep my nose clear all night so the big issue is what time to take the second dose in the middle of the night and will it coincide with my middle of the night restroom break so that I don't have to get out of bed twice!!!!!!

*The kids have a 3 day weekend and they are already bored - seriously - this drives me insane and now they will be bored and bugging me for the next 3 days -


  1. Lol!! I sent my kiddos outside early this morning to shovel because they said the "B" word:)

  2. Don't you just hate to have a cold. If I go outside in cold weather it opens my head up.
    Thanks for liking my shortcut

  3. What an aweful time to have a cold..and the kids home for 3 days...hope you feel well soon
    ~~peace & love & joy & blessings~~

  4. My hubby and I were extremely "ticked-off" after reading the Crash of a Titan article. How the guy was able to amass such a HUGE amount of debt...(I guess it helps when you work in the bank's farm management dept.)...is beyond us. Our Farm Credit here (in NY) is very FRUGAL...you could never borrow like that...or end up in the predicament he's in. I HATE bankruptcy...it's very unfair to those you owe...plus your fellow farmers.