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January 19, 2012

The Tuck and Roll


Very seldom do I oversleep on accident - maybe once last year and the first time this school year was today - but it happens so I have to take the kids to school!  Around here our policy is: The school bus passes here twice a day unless you have an extra curricular activity you better be on it - it is your transportation but on the rare occasion I have to take you to school or pick you up during the rush you WILL implement the Tuck and Roll for drop off and the Reverse Tuck and Roll for pick up!
I am flabbergasted at the number of parents who choose to take their kids to school everyday - not necessarily bad or good - everyone has a right to do what they think is best for their family but my problem arises waiting in the car line - what is going on in these cars as they pull up to the "drop" point?  What takes them so long to get out of the car?  It's not like you were just cruising around and suddenly made a last minute decision to drop the kids off at school!  Most likely you just left the house, if it's cold the kid should be wearing their coat, the backpack should be together and zipped, as you pull into the school start saying your good-byes, love you's, have a great day, and any last minute instructions!

1. If weather dictates wear a coat, have it on - don't just carry it!  Have your backpack/school supplies together!
2. As we approach the turn into the school - let me know any last minute changes to schedules - once in the parking lot all "oh Mom I forgot" no longer matter!
3. Once in the actual car line and off the road please remove your seat belt and untangle yourself from it!
4. Please place your backpack on your back!
5.  Please grasp the door handle firmly!
6. "I love you, have a good day!" from me!
7. We are now 4-5 cars from drop point you should be fully prepared - as I roll into drop position and come to a stop you will immediately disembark from the car, immediately close the door and step away from the vehicle!
8. You go to school and within seconds I am out of the way of the next car in line!

LOVE IT PEOPLE and we will all be happy!


  1. LOVE THIS!!! I am one of the crazy moms who takes Jaylyn every day. (My mother in-law takes my son.) These are the same rules that we have for emerging from the car in the mornings. And, the same thoughts I have about all the other people that are dropping their kids off. My biggest question is: Are the parents who sit and watch their child walk the 10 feet to the door (as 5th and 6th graders) afraid that someone will steal their child in that short distance or are they afraid that their child will bolt and run if they don't watch? Every morning is the same....enjoyed your blog! :)

  2. I see the line in the mornings but I don't know if the have bus service or if they don't want to walk to school so someone takes them. Good to see you I don't seem to make it to the soybean office.

  3. Amen. I have to take the kids to school everyday since I ship them to St. Peter's in Columbus. Brady can get out of the car in nothing flat. I even make him wear his back pack on his back in the car:) Since so many parents bring their kids to school, they all have the tuck and roll down pat!

  4. I take our babes to school everyday, because we are 5 minutes away. and the extra hour they sleep is good for them and me. We pack backpacks, lay out clothes all the night before. and i park to let the kids out. some of the soccer moms in their minivans are not safe to drive around. but the babes do ride the bus home in the afternoon, unless there is one of the many after school activities! have a great weekend!