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February 28, 2012

We might have a boot problem!

Cowboy boots, rubber boots, work boots, dress boots - we've got them all & some in sizes that don't even fit anyone in this house anymore, some that for some odd reason don't have mates, some are covered in shit, some are clean only have a small amount of shit on them, most have more than one kind of shit on them!  So when Country Outfitters sent me an email and wondered if I would like to choose a pair of boots to try and blog about them my immediate response (after tripping over 3 different pair that day) was:


I immediatly went to their website and started looking and I learned 2 things:
1.  They have a lot of boots to choose from!
B.  Choosing a pair of boots for fun and not work was harder than choosing names for my children!

I finally picked a pair that I absolutly loved and the day they came I was like a kids on Christmas!

The reasons I choose these boots: 
*the colors, I wouldn't normally choose such bright colors but they looked so fun and Springy!
*a trusted brand - they are Ariats
*I had been wanting a square toed boot that wasn't too drastic and these are perfect
*I wanted a comfortable sole but not a fat baby-I have 3 pairs of those from over the years and I love to work in them but wanted something comfortable and dressy

So this post is a little later than I planned (which won't surprise anyone who knows me) but I was waiting and hoping for a special place to wear them (you know one that didn't involve me having to dodge manure piles not to get them dirty), I wanted an awesome shirt to match the gorgeous colors (yes even though I don't tuck my pants in my boots, I just like knowing they match) of the shaft of the boot and a place to really try them out and put them thru the paces to see if they were comfortable - ENTER The National Farm Machinery Show and Championship Tractor Pull!

So I found the perfect shirt from Junk Gypsy's - it is the perfect color to go with the flowers (yes the flowers you can't see)!

Love the stiching on the toe - it is a magenta color that you just barly notice the color of!

These boots fit perfectly, the leather was so soft and broke in from the get go and unbelievaly comfortable - and we did  ALOT of walking - I LOVE THESE BOOTS!

While Country Outfitters did provide me with the boots the opinions are all mine!

February 27, 2012

Inside my head is a scary place!

So the farrowing barns needed washed this morning and I volunteered - yep volunteered - I needed to get out of the house!

Washing hog barns keeps the hands busy but allows my mind to wander:

*For some reason when I am concentrating my mouth hangs slightly open - not really ideal when water, manure and stale feed are flying thru the air at maximum speed so when I felt something in my mouth I panicked, immediately spit it out and then remembered that I had drank a smoothie for breakfast with raspberries in it and that was probably a raspberry seed - that is the theory I am going with and no one can convince me otherwise!

*Which for some reason then the word foul popped into my head which immediately made me think of chickens (doesn't everyone?) which then caused me to wonder if  "chickens ever sue for 'fowl' working conditions?" and I literally laughed out loud - which then I felt the need to share my joke with everyone so I pulled out my phone and texted Chris, Emily, Ginger and Stacy (in no particular order except alphabetical because that is how they are listed in my phone) -

  My text: Do you think chickens ever sue for fowl working conditions?

Chris' replied first: Your Punny - now get back to work!
  well really just the "your punny" part but I think that was only because it takes him forever to text, I am pretty sure he was thinking the "now get back to work" part

Emily replied basically with "wondered what you were up to today-now I know- if you need to get out of the house you can come visit me" - she thought I was cooped (another chicken joke - I crack -omg crack like an egg -myself up) up in the house, so I cried a little and replied that I was actually out of the house (cried because I consider washing a hog barn getting out of the house) and still apparently not completely mentally stable!

Stacy suggested that maybe I needed a cocktail - that is exactly why I LOVE HER!

But Ginger, oh my sweet Ginger, played along with the simple text of "You CLUCK me up" - and that is why today Ginger is my favorite!

*If I could pressure wash my house it would always be clean - maybe!

*If I ever become a mean person I don't want to be called a bully I prefer the term Thug, I just think it sounds more . . . professional!

*I located my missing kitchen broom, I found it in the feed room, used it to sweep the aisles before washing, I have decided Chris can go ahead and keep it!

*So 2 hours into washing I am worn out - try climbing in and out of farrowing crates on wet floors, keeping your balance with 2800 psi pushing you back - so I thought to myself - WoW I am saving Chris money by doing this because it is like exercise and  not paying not go to a gym and I am getting paid -  then I laughed because I don't exercise let alone pay gym fees but then I cried because I wasn't getting paid!

After I finished washing I came home and of course showered, then my patient asked me to lay with her - how could I say No, I mean she is feeling bad!  She kept asking for her medicine, I kept telling her it wasn't time, she said yes it is, I said no it isn't - I think she has wised up to me cutting her back on her pain meds and she is not happy, she keeps telling me she is at a 5 and NEEDS her medicine - I have a feeling it is going to be a long week!

When the boy got off the bus I threw all my morals out the window and offered to pay him to help me clean the house (which I never do - my kids live in this house, make the mess in this house, they have to help clean the house without pay) I was over the mess and dirt!  He looked me right in the eye and said "Exactly how much cash are we talking about?"  I looked him right in the eye and said "Depends on how hard you work so you can either work and take what I give you or you can work and I will give you a roof over your head, clothes on your back and food on your plate"  he said "Where should I start?" - smart boy!

We had our first 4-H meeting of the year tonight - I am the proud Momma of the Vice President, a health & safety officer and a recreation officer - all 3 kids have an office - I couldn't be prouder!

Good Night!

February 23, 2012

She is actually a pretty good patient!

Cross my fingers as it is only day 1 - but honestly I didn't know what to expect, we are blessed in that the worst it has been around here is strep and chicken pox!  Yesterday and the day before I was getting text messages and calls from friends and family asking what kind of ice cream she liked and was there anything they could do for me - I told them "she loves sherbert and I may need lots of Boones"!  And when we got home yesterday there was already ice cream in the freezer, a  Dairy Queen cherry Arctic Freeze and a bottle of Boones in the fridge - I love our friends!  We may have to go out and purchase a new freezer with all the visitors bringing ice cream that we have lined up - note: I am not complaining please don't cancel or not bring the ice cream because I am more than willing to purchase a new freezer for the happiness of my girl and my love her need for ice cream!

Here she is in the hospital yesterday waiting to go into surgery, we were playing around with Instagram!
She was overly fascinated with her IV!

We got to the hospital at 8:30 in the morning and she went into surgery around 10:30 and back out in less than half an hour.  After she came out of the anesthesia they moved her up to the peds unit where we stayed until about 4:30 in the afternoon - she had a little trouble staying awake to drink enough so that we could go home any sooner!  This is where I must say how happy we were with Columbus Regional Hospital, the nurses, dr's, anesthesiologist and staff were awesome, friendly and so helpful!  It was kind of a fluke that we ended up down there - the ENT Specialist that we were referred to works out of Columbus and Johnson Memorial, which was originally the hospital that we choose - but since we are self-employed and therefore have self-employed insurance which for us puts our deductible at $11,000 per person requires that we check into how much items on the "menu" are going to cost so that we can get the money together - anyway when we called Johnson Memorial their "menu" prices seemed steep so I decided to call Columbus just to do a little bargain shopping and it paid off - they were A LOT cheaper - isn't that what everyone looks for in health care - cheap!  But in all seriousness we loved it down there and obviously short of emergency's (because of distance) this will be our hospital of choice!

So that leads us to today - here she is all "nested" and resting!  She has her bell and wipe and write board  -which I will be honest I didn't give her till this morning when I figured out that she was going to be a good patient and the only 2 things she has written on the board are "I love you" & "Do you want me to go get my sherbert?"  to which I responded "I love you too" & "yes I'd like 2 dips of course not" )!  She also got  balloons and care package of stuff to do from her Gramma and Grumpy (Chris' parents)!

Pretty much all she demands is that I lay in the same room with her and watch Disney movies and when I get her Sherbert I get myself some too!  Now that is my kind of patient!

PS Chris:  she did say that it would make her feel a lot better if you and the other 2 kids would clean the kitchen and do a couple of loads of laundry while I was caring for her - but don't ask her if that's true because her throat hurts really bad you wouldn't want to make her talk!

And last night she got some really exciting news that I can't wait to share when it is official - I am so proud of her!

February 19, 2012

Conversations With My Kids

Me: (as calm as I can and with my foot almost thru the floor board) Umm Casey the brake on my side of the car doesn't seem to be working could you please use yours to slow down or say maybe STOP the car!

Casey:  The light is green Mom!

Me: Yeah I see that but the cars in front of you that are at a complete stop don't seem to realize that!

Casey: Well it's green they should be going!

February 16, 2012

A Farmers Heaven On Earth

We went, we saw, we walked - ALOT!

So we just got home from our annual trek to one  of the holy lands for farmers - The National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville (the other is The Farm Progress Show) - we of course got our tickets for the tractor pull and finally were able to find a room in Louisville - so we picked the kids up after school yesterday and headed South!

See these tractors - they grade and level down the track between every hook - the oldest has aspired for years to drive one these - this is what she would love to do when she grows up!!!

Modified's - make my butt vibrate and bust my eardrums but are fun to watch!

Small alcohol fire!

Crowd finally thinned out and we streched out for the last class!

The gate to Farmer Heaven:

So once we made it thru the first room and into the second I caught a whiff of this wonderful smell and my nose led me striaght to the north wing entrance to this cart:

let me just say:
 "oh my you hot fresh lil orbits mini donuts I do believe you are the love of my life you are so worth every pound that I am positive you put on my thighs I will love you forever and will dream of you every single night for the next year until we can once again be together in Feb. of 2013 until then my little sweet I will be yearning for you, every where we go I will search for you in the crowd, I will stalk you on Facebook and Twitter, I will spend quiet moments thinking of our short time together and longing for more. . ."

As I started my second dozen (not kidding, not exaggerating, completely serious) Chris looks at me and says:
"You better be careful you could founder on those things!"

 Once inside while all the equipment is fascinating absolutly nothing compares to reaching John Deere!

The ultimate goal is to sit in every single throne  seat that is associated with JD - yes even those that are not even in a cab!

And then of course there is the crowning - when you get that free hat - FARMERS LOVE FREE HATS!

Chris says he goes for "us" because "we" love it so much - after 3 hours of walking around the show today, dragging 3 tired kids (pull wasn't over until 11:30pm) and him looking at me and a tad bit too excitedly saying:

"Only 2 more rooms, keep up I move like the wind thru this crowd"

 - I doubt it was ALL for us but if it was, we loved every minute!

February 14, 2012

And the man says he doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day!

So I woke the kids up this morning at 5:45 as usual, went downstairs, grabbed a jacket threw on a pair of boots and headed out to the barn to check on one of cows who was due to calve soon - walked in the barn and was met with the sight of a new born baby calf!!!  So I ran back up to the house to throw on some insulated coveralls (my pajamas weren't keeping me warm-go figure) I throw open the back door and holler: "It's a boy" to which Chris yells back "Happy Valentine's Day, do you know how hard it was for me to get that cow to hold that calf in until today as a present for you?  And don't forget I'm taking you to Grill Bar for lunch so you don't have to cook either!"

He's so cute and when I found him he was still wet so I didn't miss his birth by much!

I was so glad the kids got to see him before they left for school - this is Casey's cow!

I took this one with my iPod!

After the kids got on the bus Chris decided to clean off the sow lots and then came down to the house so we could clean off the cattle lots while it was still frozen - and by "we" I mean he cleaned them off while I petted the new calf and then I would ride in the tractor with him while he spread the load!

Then we came in and got cleaned up to go to lunch - Chris even showered and put clean jeans and a shirt on for our lunch, I said "I thought you didn't like this holiday" he said "I don't but I like you" - I am completely serious when I say that is one of the sweetest things ever!

We ended the day with a spaghetti supper and brownie sundaes around the kitchen table!

My day didn't involve any flowers, cards or boughten chocolates but it couldn't of been any better -

February 13, 2012

Frosty Morning-Frozen Ground-28 Is Going Down

Well really it is applied but Frosty Morning-Frozen Ground-28 Is Being Applied just didn't really have the rythym or roll off the tongue like my title!!!

Frosty winter wheat!

We raise a small amount of winter wheat so that we have acreage to spread manure on during the summer.  It is planted in the fall, we usually choose as close to The Hession Fly Free Date as possible.  Winter wheat sprouts and starts growing during the fall and then goes into hibernation for the winter.  Topdressing the wheat with nitrogen just before the wheat begins to grow again in the spring, or break dormancy, allows the plants to have the nutrients they need as the crop enters a phase of rapid growth (early spring), without running the risk of losing the nutrients over the winter, or promoting unneeded growth of the plant too early, which could cause the wheat to go down/fall before harvest.  So we try to have the 28 put on towards the end of January at the earliest but while the ground is frozen, or dry enough to carry the applicator, which in our area is highly unlikely. ("28" refers to the amount of nitrogen in the fertilizer, 28% by weight)

This year the wheat is around our house (my favorite field) so I went back on a waterway to take some pictures of him applying with our house in the background!
Interesting - the booms on this sprayer are approx. 120 feet, our house is 90 feet from front to back - I find it so amazing that the booms are longer than our house!

Early summer we will probably have this wheat aerial sprayed with fungicide as well.

February 9, 2012

And that just wouldn't be pretty!

Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow

I saw this saying somewhere on the Internet a while back - probably on Pinterest but I couldn't find it on any of my boards so if I stole it from you I am more than willing to give you credit, you just have to let me know who "you" are!!!!  Anyway I loved it and knew that I wanted it in my laundry room but just didn't know what else exactly to put or do with it!

Until the day I saw this laundry room idea from Pinterest

Pinned Image
 - and I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for!  So I got to work - the whole project took less than 2 total hours and everything I needed was a Wal-Mart - that is a huge score for me as I hate going to Greenwood for any reason!

So the first thing I did was find the pictures I wanted to use - sad but true I had more pictures of all of us filthy dirty than I needed so I had to narrow them down - these are the ones I choose:

Went to Wal-Mart and I got:  some wooden pant hangers, 8X10 canvas's, modge-podge and photo paper!

I cropped the pictures the way I like them, printed them out as 8x10's on photo paper then glued them on the canvas's, when they dried I put a second coat of the modge-podge on to and once they dried I put them between the pants hangers and used those Command picture hanger velcro thingees (that is the technical term I am sure) to put them on the wall - I love those things, we have plaster and lathe walls so nails are a pain in the butt!  Then I cut the letters our to spell "Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow" with a Cricut cutter and some vinyl, put them on the wall, hung my small wash board that I have had forever with it and WHALAA - I saw, I pinned, I did!

My laundry room gets a work out and I seem to spend a lot of time in there and now I actually like the way it looks - Thank you Pinterest!

February 6, 2012

I now require a theme song!

So last week I bought myself an iPod touch!  I have no need for an iPhone - I'm not that important - but I decided that music makes me smile and really picks my spirits up so I thought "what the heck" and decided to give having an iPod a shot - I bought it from The Apple Store online and they offered free engraving so I had "MOMS - DO NOT TOUCH" put on the back - I would of rather had the option of every time someone but me touched they would get shocked like a hot shot does - but oddly enough they didn't offer that option!

Anyway I downloaded all the songs we had on iTunes (ones the kids had bought and ones that we had put on the computer from CD's) but knew there were literally hundreds of songs that I would love to have so I implemented the "Feel Good Song Of The Day" for myself - some days I buy one and some days I just look thru what we have and go with anything that makes me smile - it is my theme song for the day!

So these were last weeks picks:
  • Delta Dawn - Tanya Tucker
  • Lizzie and The Rainman - Tanya Tucker  (I am a huge Tanya Tucker fan)
  • Rollin' With The Flow - Charlie Rich
So this morning I was contemplating today's "Feel Good" song and remembered Chris' comment last night during the Super Bowl half time show:

"Seems to me if you were going to spend that much money on someone singing it's ashame it's not Merle Haggard!"

So Merle Haggard it will be today - it just came down to picking a song!  The first that occurred to me was Pancho and Lefty - right before Chris and I got married we were at the Amity Sale Barn one night and they ran some baby goats thru the ring and I said "Awww I want a baby goat"  and being that we were still in that "Whatever makes you happy sweetheart" stage - we brought 2 baby goats home - we named them Pancho and Lefty - poor Lefty only made it a couple of days but Pancho was the best goat ever (I know that several people who know me well are picking themselves up off the floor right now as they never knew I owned a goat or even admit that I loved that dumb goat) - but he was a good goat, he seriously never caused a problem, he never ate stuff he wasn't supposed too, never got out of his pen on his own - he was like a goat on Prozac - happy and well behaved!

I really did love that goat!

But that really isn't what you might call a peppy song - some of my other favs by Merle Haggard would be:
Mama Tried, I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink, The Fightin' Side of Me, Workin' Man Blues - the list goes on - but not really what I was looking for in my theme song for the day!  So I asked Chris and after singing a few verses from about 20 Merle Haggard songs he starts singing "Rainbow Stew" and I knew that was it!

February 2, 2012

Finally got tix to the great sporting event!

It's become a tradition for us - every year around January someone will mention Valentines Day and one kid will say "Have you bought tix's yet Mom?  We are going aren't we?  PLEASE!"

So I got on TicketMaster - saw what was available and just hit the "purchase" button and now we are all 5 going again this year!

The oldest was born Jan. 11, 1996 and attended her first National Farm Machinery Show Feb. 1996!

It is one of the reasons my kids can miss school (which is one of the reasons I get the bad parent letter every year)!  Four years ago we were down there and on a whim decided to stick around and go to the tractor pull that evening - the kids (OK me too) had a blast and the next year begged to go back - they kept telling Chris it could be their Valentine's Day present - Chris reminded them they (or me) don't get Valentine's Day presents - he hates Valentine's Day (a whole other post) - but luckily he loves tractor pulls as much as us so it has become a tradition and our official Valentine's Day celebration for the 5 of us to spend the day looking around the show and then go to the tractor pull!

Pictures from over the last few years:

Wicked Willys is owned by some family friends so we always have to make a pit stop to say "HI" and they let the boy sit in the truck!

So Valentines Day presents have been bought in this house and the other day while we were at Wal-Mart we took an extra minute to stop and look at the cards - we each found one that we would buy for the others - handed them to that person said "Here is your Valentines card" - we read them, say "Aww Thanks" put them back on the shelf and leave - so cards are taken care of too!

I am particularly excited this year because I will be wearing my new boots from Country Outfitter  which will be getting a real test as we do LOTS of walking and I am going to take a ton of pics with the new lens Chris bought me for Christmas - be prepared for lots of pics of tractors pulling!