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February 14, 2012

And the man says he doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day!

So I woke the kids up this morning at 5:45 as usual, went downstairs, grabbed a jacket threw on a pair of boots and headed out to the barn to check on one of cows who was due to calve soon - walked in the barn and was met with the sight of a new born baby calf!!!  So I ran back up to the house to throw on some insulated coveralls (my pajamas weren't keeping me warm-go figure) I throw open the back door and holler: "It's a boy" to which Chris yells back "Happy Valentine's Day, do you know how hard it was for me to get that cow to hold that calf in until today as a present for you?  And don't forget I'm taking you to Grill Bar for lunch so you don't have to cook either!"

He's so cute and when I found him he was still wet so I didn't miss his birth by much!

I was so glad the kids got to see him before they left for school - this is Casey's cow!

I took this one with my iPod!

After the kids got on the bus Chris decided to clean off the sow lots and then came down to the house so we could clean off the cattle lots while it was still frozen - and by "we" I mean he cleaned them off while I petted the new calf and then I would ride in the tractor with him while he spread the load!

Then we came in and got cleaned up to go to lunch - Chris even showered and put clean jeans and a shirt on for our lunch, I said "I thought you didn't like this holiday" he said "I don't but I like you" - I am completely serious when I say that is one of the sweetest things ever!

We ended the day with a spaghetti supper and brownie sundaes around the kitchen table!

My day didn't involve any flowers, cards or boughten chocolates but it couldn't of been any better -


  1. We had 6 babies yesterday! We couldn't believe they avoided the cold weather this past weekend and actually waited for a nice day. That NEVER happens! Sounds like you had a good day. I love your fancy decorations on the sundaes. Cute!

  2. Aw, Chris is so sweet! And the unexpected sweet comments are the best!

  3. That is the best!!! The simple things are the best things!!

  4. Jennifer - I so enjoyed reading your blog!!! This is what life is all about! Thanks for sharing~


  5. The simple things in life are the best. Your calf is sooo cute! Our three are growing every day it seems. Glad you had the perfect day.

  6. I'd take a calf for Valentine's Day anytime!! Ours are getting old enough they don't want to sit still long enough to be cuddled, and the rest are due to arrive from now until June! boo! So glad you had a great day!