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February 9, 2012

And that just wouldn't be pretty!

Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow

I saw this saying somewhere on the Internet a while back - probably on Pinterest but I couldn't find it on any of my boards so if I stole it from you I am more than willing to give you credit, you just have to let me know who "you" are!!!!  Anyway I loved it and knew that I wanted it in my laundry room but just didn't know what else exactly to put or do with it!

Until the day I saw this laundry room idea from Pinterest

Pinned Image
 - and I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for!  So I got to work - the whole project took less than 2 total hours and everything I needed was a Wal-Mart - that is a huge score for me as I hate going to Greenwood for any reason!

So the first thing I did was find the pictures I wanted to use - sad but true I had more pictures of all of us filthy dirty than I needed so I had to narrow them down - these are the ones I choose:

Went to Wal-Mart and I got:  some wooden pant hangers, 8X10 canvas's, modge-podge and photo paper!

I cropped the pictures the way I like them, printed them out as 8x10's on photo paper then glued them on the canvas's, when they dried I put a second coat of the modge-podge on to and once they dried I put them between the pants hangers and used those Command picture hanger velcro thingees (that is the technical term I am sure) to put them on the wall - I love those things, we have plaster and lathe walls so nails are a pain in the butt!  Then I cut the letters our to spell "Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow" with a Cricut cutter and some vinyl, put them on the wall, hung my small wash board that I have had forever with it and WHALAA - I saw, I pinned, I did!

My laundry room gets a work out and I seem to spend a lot of time in there and now I actually like the way it looks - Thank you Pinterest!


  1. Love it! When we redo our mud room/ laundry room I am totally stealing this idea!

  2. Now you will smile each time you go into the laundry room...very cute!!

  3. I absolutely love this and the photos are too cool. What a great idea makes laundry day more like a day with the family, you will be smiling all the time or maybe even laughing. Looks great. B

  4. looks great! i still have to do mine... i have pictures in my bathroom of our babes when they were still being bathed in the sink. everyone gets a kick out of it when they see it! and kids get to see themselves when they were cute and cuddly.. have a great weekend!

  5. You rock! I still have a "I am going to get crafty" board on Pinterest full of idea yet lacking on execution. Maybe I've been inspired...

  6. Great job! You are giving me ideas! :-)

  7. Jent! This is perfect because I was standing in my laundry room today looking at my blue walls with nothing on them thinking WHAT CAN I DO TO MAKE THIS MORE EXCITING? You hit it on the head for me. Thanks! Love it love it love it. I'll be ordering my supplies...because I don't want to drive to WalMart!

  8. Very cute! I might have to borrow this. Good Job!

  9. Oh man!! This is fantastic! What a wonderful idea... and how well executed. You guys are all so talented. That really is a cracker of an idea for a laundry room!