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February 19, 2012

Conversations With My Kids

Me: (as calm as I can and with my foot almost thru the floor board) Umm Casey the brake on my side of the car doesn't seem to be working could you please use yours to slow down or say maybe STOP the car!

Casey:  The light is green Mom!

Me: Yeah I see that but the cars in front of you that are at a complete stop don't seem to realize that!

Casey: Well it's green they should be going!


  1. You need to channel Rafiki (from The Lion King) and find a good mantra or use his stick to smack somebody. Serenity NOW!

  2. Oh Lordy!! Good luck to ya!! I'll be there in 3 years or so.

  3. Wow! Yay for Casey...yikes for you and Chris!!

  4. Casey can tell your story about her driving adventures to her stories. The one I tell is about when mom and I were sitting in the empty high school parking lot where I was to practice my driving skills. All of a sudden she says, "Stop, I can't do this." And my reply was, "Mom, I haven't started the car yet!".

  5. Oh, how this made me laugh. I went through this twice, and have a granddayghter that will be doing this in 5 short years. Yes, you will live through it, and will have LOTS of stories to tell. Good luck to the whole family.