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February 16, 2012

A Farmers Heaven On Earth

We went, we saw, we walked - ALOT!

So we just got home from our annual trek to one  of the holy lands for farmers - The National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville (the other is The Farm Progress Show) - we of course got our tickets for the tractor pull and finally were able to find a room in Louisville - so we picked the kids up after school yesterday and headed South!

See these tractors - they grade and level down the track between every hook - the oldest has aspired for years to drive one these - this is what she would love to do when she grows up!!!

Modified's - make my butt vibrate and bust my eardrums but are fun to watch!

Small alcohol fire!

Crowd finally thinned out and we streched out for the last class!

The gate to Farmer Heaven:

So once we made it thru the first room and into the second I caught a whiff of this wonderful smell and my nose led me striaght to the north wing entrance to this cart:

let me just say:
 "oh my you hot fresh lil orbits mini donuts I do believe you are the love of my life you are so worth every pound that I am positive you put on my thighs I will love you forever and will dream of you every single night for the next year until we can once again be together in Feb. of 2013 until then my little sweet I will be yearning for you, every where we go I will search for you in the crowd, I will stalk you on Facebook and Twitter, I will spend quiet moments thinking of our short time together and longing for more. . ."

As I started my second dozen (not kidding, not exaggerating, completely serious) Chris looks at me and says:
"You better be careful you could founder on those things!"

 Once inside while all the equipment is fascinating absolutly nothing compares to reaching John Deere!

The ultimate goal is to sit in every single throne  seat that is associated with JD - yes even those that are not even in a cab!

And then of course there is the crowning - when you get that free hat - FARMERS LOVE FREE HATS!

Chris says he goes for "us" because "we" love it so much - after 3 hours of walking around the show today, dragging 3 tired kids (pull wasn't over until 11:30pm) and him looking at me and a tad bit too excitedly saying:

"Only 2 more rooms, keep up I move like the wind thru this crowd"

 - I doubt it was ALL for us but if it was, we loved every minute!


  1. Looks like you had a good time. Like your new baby.

  2. Oh I am so jealous we missed the Toronto one this month. Too much to do can you believe that? We do not have tractor pulls at ours that would be awesome. The summer ones are better for us.
    Donuts, and free hats nothing better. B

  3. Love the tractor pulls!
    The World Ag Expo was in central CA this week, we missed out, but it's always fun to check out the equipment and new fun things to be found in the world of ag!

  4. Wow, that is on our bucket list, to see the tractor pulls in person some day!

  5. looks like you had lots of fun! i think i may take the babes next year. Mr. M gets free tickets to the pulls through work. thanks for sharing..

  6. I was at a National Young Farmers and Ranchers Conference last weekend, and all the Indiana, Kentucky, etc... people were talking about this, and how sad they were to miss it! I only knew what they were even talking about from reading your blog : )