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February 2, 2012

Finally got tix to the great sporting event!

It's become a tradition for us - every year around January someone will mention Valentines Day and one kid will say "Have you bought tix's yet Mom?  We are going aren't we?  PLEASE!"

So I got on TicketMaster - saw what was available and just hit the "purchase" button and now we are all 5 going again this year!

The oldest was born Jan. 11, 1996 and attended her first National Farm Machinery Show Feb. 1996!

It is one of the reasons my kids can miss school (which is one of the reasons I get the bad parent letter every year)!  Four years ago we were down there and on a whim decided to stick around and go to the tractor pull that evening - the kids (OK me too) had a blast and the next year begged to go back - they kept telling Chris it could be their Valentine's Day present - Chris reminded them they (or me) don't get Valentine's Day presents - he hates Valentine's Day (a whole other post) - but luckily he loves tractor pulls as much as us so it has become a tradition and our official Valentine's Day celebration for the 5 of us to spend the day looking around the show and then go to the tractor pull!

Pictures from over the last few years:

Wicked Willys is owned by some family friends so we always have to make a pit stop to say "HI" and they let the boy sit in the truck!

So Valentines Day presents have been bought in this house and the other day while we were at Wal-Mart we took an extra minute to stop and look at the cards - we each found one that we would buy for the others - handed them to that person said "Here is your Valentines card" - we read them, say "Aww Thanks" put them back on the shelf and leave - so cards are taken care of too!

I am particularly excited this year because I will be wearing my new boots from Country Outfitter  which will be getting a real test as we do LOTS of walking and I am going to take a ton of pics with the new lens Chris bought me for Christmas - be prepared for lots of pics of tractors pulling!


  1. Hope you have a great time!! Traditions are fun, especially if the whole family enjoys them.

  2. sounds like a great family time. have fun and i cant wait to see the photos.

  3. Love the card tradition...can just imagine your family in Wal-Mart trading cards.

  4. I'm going to agree with Chris on Valentines Day and looking forward to the pic from the tractor pull