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February 6, 2012

I now require a theme song!

So last week I bought myself an iPod touch!  I have no need for an iPhone - I'm not that important - but I decided that music makes me smile and really picks my spirits up so I thought "what the heck" and decided to give having an iPod a shot - I bought it from The Apple Store online and they offered free engraving so I had "MOMS - DO NOT TOUCH" put on the back - I would of rather had the option of every time someone but me touched they would get shocked like a hot shot does - but oddly enough they didn't offer that option!

Anyway I downloaded all the songs we had on iTunes (ones the kids had bought and ones that we had put on the computer from CD's) but knew there were literally hundreds of songs that I would love to have so I implemented the "Feel Good Song Of The Day" for myself - some days I buy one and some days I just look thru what we have and go with anything that makes me smile - it is my theme song for the day!

So these were last weeks picks:
  • Delta Dawn - Tanya Tucker
  • Lizzie and The Rainman - Tanya Tucker  (I am a huge Tanya Tucker fan)
  • Rollin' With The Flow - Charlie Rich
So this morning I was contemplating today's "Feel Good" song and remembered Chris' comment last night during the Super Bowl half time show:

"Seems to me if you were going to spend that much money on someone singing it's ashame it's not Merle Haggard!"

So Merle Haggard it will be today - it just came down to picking a song!  The first that occurred to me was Pancho and Lefty - right before Chris and I got married we were at the Amity Sale Barn one night and they ran some baby goats thru the ring and I said "Awww I want a baby goat"  and being that we were still in that "Whatever makes you happy sweetheart" stage - we brought 2 baby goats home - we named them Pancho and Lefty - poor Lefty only made it a couple of days but Pancho was the best goat ever (I know that several people who know me well are picking themselves up off the floor right now as they never knew I owned a goat or even admit that I loved that dumb goat) - but he was a good goat, he seriously never caused a problem, he never ate stuff he wasn't supposed too, never got out of his pen on his own - he was like a goat on Prozac - happy and well behaved!

I really did love that goat!

But that really isn't what you might call a peppy song - some of my other favs by Merle Haggard would be:
Mama Tried, I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink, The Fightin' Side of Me, Workin' Man Blues - the list goes on - but not really what I was looking for in my theme song for the day!  So I asked Chris and after singing a few verses from about 20 Merle Haggard songs he starts singing "Rainbow Stew" and I knew that was it!


  1. I remember visiting you guys with my Dad once when I was younger. I must have been a lot younger actually, because Casey was still a baby. I remember Pancho knocking me on my butt with his head. First and only time I've ever been the victim of a goat attack.

  2. Oh I had a pet goat named Franny I loved that goat.
    I was just driving home in my Jeep with the radio cranked up and heard the song. The Harper Valley PTA and it made me smile.
    I love a good mix of country and rock and country rock. I even have some dare I say Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) before you think I am crazy I used to ride with my daughter to work every day till she got her license Who ever drove controls the music in my Jeep and that is what she played. I was surprised at the nice voice and writing skills this young troubled man had. If it was not for the driving a teenager around I would not have tried any different music but country. I love all music now.
    Oh I love Delta dawn and Tanya Tucker and Merle and loved Garth Brooks for a time. I think what ever brings a smile to your face is the song of the day. "She ain't got no money.Her clothes are kinda funny her hair is kinda wild and free" But loves goes where my Rosemary goes and nobody knows like me" Sorry that is stuck in my head (Edison Lighthouse) I think it was a song about me :) B

  3. theres nothing better than merle haggard! have a great week

  4. You can't go wrong with Merle Haggard. Enjoy the ipod.

  5. I actually think he has been in poor health lately. Love Working Man Blues! Have fun bopping around and watch out for big moving machinery if you have your headphones on and going strong! :-)

  6. I vote for "Baby's Got Her Bluejeans On" by Mel McDaniels the next time you rock those fancy jeans. Meeee-Yowwwwww!

    I love music and would be lost without my iPhone and all my songs for every mood, and mood combination I have or anticipate having. We own semis and we love Convoy by CW McCall, 18 Wheeler by Alabama and C.B. Savage by Rod Hart. And I love to horrify my 13 year old by jamming out to Vanilla Ice and Tone Loc in the school parking lot after practice. As Bobby Brown would say, "That's My Perogative."