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February 28, 2012

We might have a boot problem!

Cowboy boots, rubber boots, work boots, dress boots - we've got them all & some in sizes that don't even fit anyone in this house anymore, some that for some odd reason don't have mates, some are covered in shit, some are clean only have a small amount of shit on them, most have more than one kind of shit on them!  So when Country Outfitters sent me an email and wondered if I would like to choose a pair of boots to try and blog about them my immediate response (after tripping over 3 different pair that day) was:


I immediatly went to their website and started looking and I learned 2 things:
1.  They have a lot of boots to choose from!
B.  Choosing a pair of boots for fun and not work was harder than choosing names for my children!

I finally picked a pair that I absolutly loved and the day they came I was like a kids on Christmas!

The reasons I choose these boots: 
*the colors, I wouldn't normally choose such bright colors but they looked so fun and Springy!
*a trusted brand - they are Ariats
*I had been wanting a square toed boot that wasn't too drastic and these are perfect
*I wanted a comfortable sole but not a fat baby-I have 3 pairs of those from over the years and I love to work in them but wanted something comfortable and dressy

So this post is a little later than I planned (which won't surprise anyone who knows me) but I was waiting and hoping for a special place to wear them (you know one that didn't involve me having to dodge manure piles not to get them dirty), I wanted an awesome shirt to match the gorgeous colors (yes even though I don't tuck my pants in my boots, I just like knowing they match) of the shaft of the boot and a place to really try them out and put them thru the paces to see if they were comfortable - ENTER The National Farm Machinery Show and Championship Tractor Pull!

So I found the perfect shirt from Junk Gypsy's - it is the perfect color to go with the flowers (yes the flowers you can't see)!

Love the stiching on the toe - it is a magenta color that you just barly notice the color of!

These boots fit perfectly, the leather was so soft and broke in from the get go and unbelievaly comfortable - and we did  ALOT of walking - I LOVE THESE BOOTS!

While Country Outfitters did provide me with the boots the opinions are all mine!


  1. Love your new boots. Ariats are my favorite

  2. Love the boots, love the shirt!

  3. i LOVE ariats... i dont like to wear anything but.. and i love the color!

  4. Love, love, love the boots!!! Your shirt is super cute too:)

  5. I love boots and we have the same tripping issue at our farm!

  6. Love those boots! Great choice!

  7. Those are so cute! And in my opinion, boots are never a problem!!

  8. Love your new boots! My daughters love Ariat and my boys love Red Wing. The shirt is super cute. Is it one piece or is the shirt underneath from your own "collection"?

  9. I love those boots they are very cool. What size? When you get sick of them you know where I live LOL. I love the colour of the shirt you have good taste. I have three pairs of my foot wear by the door I only trip once a week but the older I get that breaking a hip thing rings in my head:) B

  10. The boots are great - using the s word on a blog, not so much. Just sayin' .

  11. You don't have to read her blog if you don't like it, don't be so judgemental. She writes this blog for HER. Not you, Donna. If you don't like the way she writes or the words she writes on HER blog Donna you can just not read it? She doesn't care either way! What she does care about it people critizing her stuff. I don't go around judging other people on their lifestyles what makes you think that you should? I read this post and I do believe that she was refering the "s word" to crap, poop if you may. She wasn't cussing somebody out, she wasn't offending anybody. You, just offended her, thank you for that. If you don't like it, don't read it, we could care less. Just sayin'!

  12. Jent, I love your boots!! They're beyond awesome!! As for Miss Know-it-All Snooty McSnootypants Donna, I pass along some words of wisdom. Eat SHIT!!!

  13. I love these!! I have a pair of fat baby Ariats that I've nearly worn through to the sole! They have been comfortable since the first time I tried them on. Love the square toe!

  14. I'm breaking in my Ariats too. I forgot to wear long socks and there was something rubbing on my calf during one wear. Oh how quickly we forget. Nicely done Miss Cassey coming to your mom's defense. Sometimes on the farm, it is what it is, especially when you step in it and bring it in the house. We have cattle flavor here, but you can mix it with a bit of dog and cat if you are not careful. For those who don't live this life 24-7, it can be quite shocking I guess.