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March 21, 2012

Executive Decisions Made Today

#1 - Kids are going to school!  I make this one daily as they are not easy to get up - but it is either fight with them in the morning to get them on the bus or put up with them all day - really that is a no brainer!

#2 - Breakfast!  Today it was crescent rolls & Tang the breakfast of . . you work with what you got!

#3 - Wardrobe!  I made the conscious choice to put on the same pair of jeans I have been wearing the last 2 days - they have hitch grease on the butt already (don't ask it wasn't pretty how it got there) so it won't matter that it will most def. happen again today!

#4 - Tanning Bed!  NEED to find time to go - tanned fat is more acceptable than pale fat - you can't argue the facts so don't try!

#5 - Mothers Day present request!  More on this later - I have decided what I want but my hope is that they give it to me early, like this weekend or even tmw - won't happen but a girl can dream!

#6 - Dishwasher!  ALWAYS ALWAYS check twice to make sure that it has run!  One should never have to take the first drink of the morning from a dirty glass . . . ever again!!!!!!

#7 - Tank F6!  I would not like to drag it anymore as part of a set of doubles - it weaves too much - you can only drive 23 mph with it and that means it takes almost an hour to get to our Marietta field -  that's a loooonnnnggg trip!

Still taking these under advisement:

*A complete and mental breakdown - a padded room sounds quiet and relaxing right now!

*Going on strike!

And yes I realize that none of these amount to a whole lot but it is about the extent of my power and I chose today to exert ALL my power - Good Night!


  1. Bless your heart! Are you all out of your Christmas present? Hope tomorrow is a better day, and I totally agree that tanned fat looks better than white. I think I'm the poster child for that cause. Hugs!Hits

  2. The "Hits" part must have been a Freudian slip?!?!?! Made myself laugh wben it popped up.

  3. Love your decisions. I hope tomorrow is day four for those jeans. Friday you can torch them then!

  4. sounds like here. keep smiling or go into a room with a closed door and scream your frustration out. this crazy weather is making everyone crazy... have a great week!