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March 5, 2012

It's Our Job

Feeding the world is a huge job and I’m proud that my family is a part of that task. The American farmers that accomplish this work hard every single day. Growing up on a farm, I experienced this first hand. The cold mornings, the long nights, the working holidays, and the rainy Sundays when the chores still had to be done. American farmers not only feed, but clothe, employ, provide fuel, and stimulate the economy for the 6,991,422,434 people on this planet. While the population is growing, the land used for agriculture is shrinking. The world’s resources are decreasing, but our standards of living are increasing. In today’s world, the weather challenges us, with flood, drought, and heat. American farmers accept these challenges however, never to give up, to provide for the world.
            American farmers do have help with these issues though. Genetically modified organisms and other improvements in agriculture help farmers fill those gaps the world leaves on farming. These modified crops were bred to produce more product per plant and advance the overall health and life of the crop. More productive fertilizers and pesticides to better the plants productivity have been developed over time to prevent infestations and to yield more at harvest, all at the same time having less harmful effects on our environment.  Farmers and other agricultural committees have also developed practices to conserve the environment and to improve their technologies and conditions. Such as practicing soil health, by applying minerals and fertilizers, and also by using no till farming for advantages. By the advancements the world has made in agriculture farmers are better able to meet the demands of a growing world.
            The weight on American farmers’ shoulders is enormous. American farmers have to adapt to a growing population, shrinking land base, the stress on the world’s resources, and face the challenges every farmer has to face, all while insuring the world of agriculture for future farmers. These challenges include the weather, environmental concerns, including responsible use of resources, over application, and contamination of food. The production farmer has to keep logistics and the economics of America in mind also. The food and money is seldom where it is needed most. The next time your family sits down to a table full of food, thank the 2% of Americans who grew what is there before you.  The farmers of America have gaps to fill, cliffs to jump, and challenges to overcome. Never giving up, these farmers never fail us.
By Casey Campbell written for the 2012 National Ag Day Eassay Contest "American Agriculture: Feeding The Future, Filling The Gaps

While she didn't win I couldn't be more proud of her for trying and for her obvious love and respect for American Agriculture! 

Happy Ag Week!


  1. Well written ! "Proud to be a farmer" applies the families thereof also.

  2. This is a fantastic paper and she should be very proud.
    Canadian farmers and farmers all over the world deal with the same issues. Great Essay Casey Congrats.. B

  3. Awesome Job Casey! Your essay is very well thought out and easy to understand. Keep up the good work.

    Jent, like the new blog look!

  4. What an incredible job your daughter did!! You should be proud!!
    P.S. Love the new look!!

  5. She did AMAZING!!!! Whoohooo!!! You must be soooooo proud!!!

    Please give her a big big hug from me and tell her she did Amazing!


  6. Beautifully said! It's wonderful to our next generation of farmers standing up and opening the consumer's eyes to the value of modern technology in agriculture. Very eloquently stated!