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March 7, 2012

Yesterday VS. Today


When I looked at the clock at 5:30am and knew I needed to get up I cringed and got mad.

When Cole whined instead of just getting dressed for school I wanted to beat him regardless of the fact someone could of called CPS on me.

When I realized I had done 5 loads of laundry the day before and I still couldn't see the laundry room floor I almost cried.

When I couldn't find a clean spot on the kitchen counter I cussed the kids (honestly) and myself for being pigs.

When I went down to my "new office", sat in my chair and was staring at a cement block wall, smelled a musty basement smell and could hear when someone flushed the tolit I felt sorry for myself.

When I tripped over a bag of trash that Chris hadn't taken down to the dumpster in 2 days I got pissed off at him.

When Casey texted and said she wouldn't be eating supper with us that she had eaten in town with some friends I got my feelings hurt.

When Emi Lou threw a fit about going to bed when I told her to go to bed and she just wanted to stay up and sit on the couch with me and Chris I yelled at her.

Today my world took a direct hit and all of the above seemed so inconsequential and I realized that I should of known that yesterday!


  1. Oh boy we have all had those days and we forget them and remember what is important. Beautiful sky. BIG HUG from Canada. B

  2. So sorry about your direct hit. Perspective has a very nasty right hook sometimes. Hugs, and the best thing about your family is that they still love you bunches.

  3. So sorry to hear things have not gone well. Hope it is improving.

  4. Oh Hunny. No idea what happened but sending hugs, love & prayers!!

  5. Sent you a big hug via my girl this morning...hope she delivered!

  6. Hope everything is alright ur human u have those days, the most important thing is that you recognize it could be worse. Just be thankful everyday.

  7. Everyone has those days hun, but they aren't always like that. Sometimes we forget we are human and those things will happen. You've got so many pretty pictures with so many wonderful days.