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April 28, 2012

Flowers For Leontien

I know I am late but definatly no less love!


April 27, 2012

Livestock VS. Kids

I'll be honest - there are those days that I wish we had just decided to get more livestock-

  1. Livestock always come running when you go to feed them it doesn't matter what you serve they never complain!
  2. When you want livestock to get up it doesn't whine and you can kick it in the butt to get it moving!
  3. You can tie them with a halter to the barn wall, my guess is CPS would frown on this with kids! (note to self: check on this to be sure!)
  4. They sleep in the barn/outside not randomly around your house and then complain when others are too loud!
  5. They don't produce inordinate amounts of dirty laundry, they wear the same thing all the time and quite frankly don't care if you ever wash it!
  6. They can't roll their eyes - enough said!
  7. Hot shots are legal to get them moving - refer to #3 on legality as well as note to self!
  8. They don't talk back - heck they don't talk at all!

Why Not:
  1. I can hug livestock (and have) but they don't stand still or hug back without some hay in my hand - come to think of it though I usually have to have a cupcake to hug a kid and get them to stand still! (consider moving this one to Why!)
ummm yea pretty much all I got right now in the Why Not department

The other day trying to get the kids moving to get on the bus I swear I yelled "Suey Kids let's go" and while moving market hogs later that day said "C'mon hurry up your gonna miss your ride!"

That night I yelled "Suk kids let's eat, come and get it" and when I fed the calves hollered "Get over here now supper is ready!"

 And I don't think anyone even noticed!

    April 25, 2012

    WW: My Name In Graphite

    I will never have my name in lights but how many people can say they have had their name in graphite?

    Yes, I am easily amused - and I am OK with that!

    April 24, 2012

    My GoTo Breakfast & Snack

    My goal in January was to prove to all that I could cook and to share at least one recipe a month - yeah that just ain't workin' out for me - but I just made myself a smoothie for breakfast and my camera was just sitting there on the counter staring at me and I thought what the heck - so here is my sister's smoothie that she taught me how to make and it is seriously my GoTo Breakfast almost every morning and several times a week for a quick snack!

    Very Simple Very Easy - all you need is some frozen fruit, some juice, some protein powder and a blender!

    I always buy 100% juice and no sugar added fruit.
    Throw it all in the blender and blend away!
    My sister also adds some flax seed oil - she says it's good for me, I can't tell you why but I believe her but I ran out!

    I tried to get all fancy and take a picture of me pouring it into the cup -

    yeah that didn't work so well - I missed!

    This is so easy and there are so many combinations - any juice and any fruit you like:

    Chris doesn't like the little tiny seeds that the raspberries have - I say suck it up and get over it - let it sit for a minute, tap the bottom of the cup and they fall to the bottom, you'll be fine - but when I am feeling particularlly nice I make him one with just frozen strawberries and orange juice!

    One of my favs in the afternoon (OK morning too) is instead of juice I use a Diet Mt. Dew (that makes my sister roll her eyes but it gives me energy - short lived she would say but I say I take what I can get!)

    April 23, 2012

    Things that make me giggle like a 6th grader!

    *Authors (that's me) Disclaimer - this will probably embarrass the heck out of Chris (his Mom raised him with couth and manners) and my Mom will want you all to know that she did raise me with couth and manners as well and I use them most of the time - at least in public but I love to smile and laugh and these things never fail to make me do so!

    Pussy Willows - yes I am giggling as I type this!
    It is extremely immature and childish but I can't control myself - I cannot say (or apparently type) pussy willows without giggling!

    Brown Pool Water
    One of my Dad's really good friends (Troy Brown) owns his own trucking company and has T.R. Brown on all of his trucks, all of them - except his pool water trucks - it took me years (yes years) to figure out why he didn't put his name on those trucks - to this day every time I see one of his pool water trucks I giggle like a 6th grader because if he had put his name on those tankers it would read in giant letters "BROWN POOL WATER" -- point in case I just saw one on my way to take lunch to the field, giggled and thought of writing this blog post

    Potty Humor
    I admit it - potty jokes make me laugh - I can't help it!  Case in point - the boy telling the brown pants joke - I have to smile when I look at my blog statistics because someone seems to always be Googling brown pants and I am pretty sure they aren't expecting him to be telling that joke when they click on the link!

    I can belch like a trucker - I guess, I have always said that but I have no idea what makes me think truckers are good belchers but I definitely am!  I won't go any further on this subject as my belching ability's embarrass Chris and make my Mom cringe - BUT I AM REALLY GOOD and I always giggle after one - OK I am done now!


    What makes you giggle like a 6th grader???? 

    Something should because giggling is good for the soul!!!!

    April 22, 2012

    3 kids - 3 conversations

    Already this morning I have had these 3 conversations - one with each of my lovely children!

    Between me and the youngest:
    Me: If you are going to work with Dad today you have a few chores you need to get done before you go!
    Cole: WHAT?  I just did chores yesterday I don't know why I have to do anything today!
    Me:  OH that's right you did - no one told me that if you did chores the day before you don't have to do them that day - so that means that for the past 9 years of your life I only would of had to feed you, care for you and pick up after you every other day - since I did it everyday I should be able to take the next 9 years off to make up for those extra days I did "chores"!!!!!

     My sarcasm was lost on him - he wasn't amused!

    Between me and the oldest (while she is laying in bed watching NetFlix on her computer at 9:15am)
    Me: I have to be gone all day and I would like to have my iPod charger in my truck - I know you said you put it back but I can't find it and since you had it last please go out and find it for me!
    Casey: Mom I put it back in the Dodge!
    Me: I understand that but I personally cannot find it so you will!
      goes out to the truck in the meantime I get in the shower
    Casey: It was right under the passenger seat in the Dodge!!!!!!
    Me: Oh I am sorry - I was pretty sure I left it in the plug in so why I didn't look under the seat is beyond me!!!!

    Because I love being interrupted when I am in the shower!

    Between me and the middle (while I was still in the shower)
    Knock on the door - which she gets brownie points for but she has never knocked first so why she knocked this time I don't know!
    Me: What?
    Second harder knock on the door
    Me: WHAT?  Seriously no one ever knocks and when they do I have to say 'What?' twice!!!!!
    Emi Lou: does nothing but point to her hair
    Me: WHAT?
    Emi Lou: UMMM you need to braid my hair!!!!!
    Me: OH right let me step out of the shower with shampoo in my hair and dripping wet and attend immediately to your needs!

    My sarcasm was not lost on her but she was not amused either!


    I will repeat this to myself all day as I watch 6 hours of the middle play fast-pitch softball and let the oldest drive us there and back, which will include her driving on 465 for the first time!!!!!

    April 13, 2012

    I don't do well with change.

    I don't - I know I seem very well adjusted, perpetually cheery and easy going (yeah go ahead and laugh I can't hear you anyway) but change just throws me off!

    I used to think change was good - I grew up in a very stable home - stable in the fact that I had 2 parents, 4 grandparents, my Dad had the same job my whole life, my Mom was a teacher for most of my childhood (except when we were younger and she stayed home) at the same school, same grade, same classroom for the most part, I only moved once - from one house on the farm to the house my Dad grew up in on the farm, we vacationed once a year, attended the same church my whole life, never changed school systems . . .  the list goes on and on - I once thought a little change would be nice other people moved houses, schools, relocated because of a parents job - new and exciting adventures - but I have changed my mind, I actually did a long time ago - just getting married and having to move one county over was just about my limit on change.

    The other day (Monday to be exact - just a few days past the biggest change to date in my life) Chris and I walked into The Grill Bar for lunch (my favorite place) and they were putting in new booth benches - I burst out in tears - seriously - why did they pick that day to put new ones in - oh they needed to be changed - the others had probably been there for the better part of 30 years or more - they sagged in the middle, if two of you were to sit on the same side you spent all your time fighting gravity not to both fall in the hole and just sit cheek to cheek - I had learned how to sit in each one, some you could just move a little off center and be level and sitting high enough to see over the table, some you had to put one leg under your butt or your face was level with the table and a couple I would just sit sideways leaning against the wall with my feet outstretched (these were my fav.) - BUT I don't like change and that was too much for me that day.

    But things do change - minor things and major things - and I have always been a roll with the flow kind of person, a suck it up and move on there are just some things you can't change kind of girl (I do believe I get this from my Dad) - but this major change in my life has my mind reeling:

    WHY - -

    - -do I believe in Heaven?  I wrote this on Easter Sunday - it felt right when I wrote it and I am 99.9% positive I believe it but do I believe it because I BELIEVE it or because I think I am supposed too?

    - -does someone I didn't see everyday or talk to being gone seem to affect my everyday life now? And then what about my Mom & brother who did see and talk to him every day.

    - -do things have to change?

    Absolutely nothing to do with today's post but isn't it beautiful
    - this was sunrise Tuesday morning over our grain bins!

    I promise we will be back to our regularly scheduled programing soon - not limited to but including: "nasty attitude teenage girl gets her own truck", really good spaghetti sauce recipe, a couple of "pincomplished" projects, "Saddle Up" we started planting & why we say that and how Chris will never live it down AND Livestock VS. Kids: why some days I wish we had just got more livestock!

    April 10, 2012

    I wish socks were disposable!

    A one time use item - wear them and toss them!  We could all have sock dispensers hanging on our wall - they could be in the laundry room or bathroom, wherever is most convenient for your family - I think ours would hang in the bathroom!  They would resemble a paper towel dispenser, the kind you see in public restrooms - the socks would come out one by one from the bottom.  They could be decorative on the outside to match your decor and they would come in any kind of sock you wanted for your family - oh and someone would come keep it stocked for you regularly, like the Culligan guy some people use for salt in their softeners!  We would have 3 sock dispenser in this house - short (for tennis shoes and such), medium height (for hiking books) and tall (for boots).

    This is not a new subject for me - I have blogged about socks before and I also have serious sock issues:

    1. My socks have to match - and not just visually but the way they feel - so even though I might buy the same kind of socks every time - to be a pair they must have been bought at the same time so that they are "worn" the same amount.
    2. My socks can NEVER touch the ground/floor before they go into my shoes - NEVER!  When I put socks and shoes on I put one sock on then that shoe and then do the other foot - this drives Chris insane, he says that is wrong - both socks then both shoes that is how normal people do it!  So for instance if I go out to feed or whatever and come in and their is manure on my boots and I take them off unless I immediately put on another pair of shoes the pair of socks I am wearing is considered unsuitable  - so if I put on shoes later to go somewhere a clean pair of socks is required!

    I said serious issues!

    We used to handle socks by the basket method - they were literally baskets (yes more than one) of unmatched socks strategically placed around the house for your convenience!

    This one I found in our bedroom next to the bathroom door - I don't think anyone has used socks out of this in a month yet I still find it difficult to just pitch the whole lot of them - which I have been known to do - about once a year I get in a sock huff and gather all the baskets, dump them out, match all I could and throw the rest away!  Once I even took 3 baskets full of random socks, dumped them in the back of my Explorer and would open the tailgate at softball practices and match socks watching the girls practice - now if that ain't classy - true story!

    Now we use the drawer under the dryer - as I fold the clothes from the dryer I just open the drawer and drop the unmatched socks in - it has actually been working great - you need socks, you go to the drawer - if you want them to match be my guest and if you don't care I don't either!

    A sock dispenser - this might be my million dollar idea - of course if I need help from Chris on any part of this I will have to wait until he perfects the taco dispenser that he has always dreamed of!

    April 8, 2012

    Thank You God . . .

    . . .for this beautiful spring day to celebrate your Son.

    While not in my plan at the age of 42 to have to say good-bye to my Dad I have always realized that God does have a plan and that while it is not always what I would have in mind, everything, absolutely everything, happens for a reason.

    And so I will look at the glass half full and realize that although this has been an extremely long, rough and emotional week, how blessed we are that we are immediately reminded that there is eternal life in heaven by celebrating Jesus' resurrection.

    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    John 3:16