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April 22, 2012

3 kids - 3 conversations

Already this morning I have had these 3 conversations - one with each of my lovely children!

Between me and the youngest:
Me: If you are going to work with Dad today you have a few chores you need to get done before you go!
Cole: WHAT?  I just did chores yesterday I don't know why I have to do anything today!
Me:  OH that's right you did - no one told me that if you did chores the day before you don't have to do them that day - so that means that for the past 9 years of your life I only would of had to feed you, care for you and pick up after you every other day - since I did it everyday I should be able to take the next 9 years off to make up for those extra days I did "chores"!!!!!

 My sarcasm was lost on him - he wasn't amused!

Between me and the oldest (while she is laying in bed watching NetFlix on her computer at 9:15am)
Me: I have to be gone all day and I would like to have my iPod charger in my truck - I know you said you put it back but I can't find it and since you had it last please go out and find it for me!
Casey: Mom I put it back in the Dodge!
Me: I understand that but I personally cannot find it so you will!
  goes out to the truck in the meantime I get in the shower
Casey: It was right under the passenger seat in the Dodge!!!!!!
Me: Oh I am sorry - I was pretty sure I left it in the plug in so why I didn't look under the seat is beyond me!!!!

Because I love being interrupted when I am in the shower!

Between me and the middle (while I was still in the shower)
Knock on the door - which she gets brownie points for but she has never knocked first so why she knocked this time I don't know!
Me: What?
Second harder knock on the door
Me: WHAT?  Seriously no one ever knocks and when they do I have to say 'What?' twice!!!!!
Emi Lou: does nothing but point to her hair
Emi Lou: UMMM you need to braid my hair!!!!!
Me: OH right let me step out of the shower with shampoo in my hair and dripping wet and attend immediately to your needs!

My sarcasm was not lost on her but she was not amused either!


I will repeat this to myself all day as I watch 6 hours of the middle play fast-pitch softball and let the oldest drive us there and back, which will include her driving on 465 for the first time!!!!!


  1. May the Good Lord be with your AND your children! We mysteriously lost the black Holstein calf last night so our youngest fought through tears all through church. Even her black purse with white roses on it reminded her of Tom and produced tears. Sigh......

  2. My prayers go with you today. Sounds like you need 'em!!

  3. Oh don't you just love them.:) I do miss those conversations now that mine are gone to live lives of their own.
    Oh but I do not miss that driving thing:).
    Take care B

  4. I remember those days! Guess you have to go through them. Next you will have to buy another truck.

  5. And no husband walked in and said" you don't care if I poop, do ya? I really have to go!" That always happened to me.