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April 10, 2012

I wish socks were disposable!

A one time use item - wear them and toss them!  We could all have sock dispensers hanging on our wall - they could be in the laundry room or bathroom, wherever is most convenient for your family - I think ours would hang in the bathroom!  They would resemble a paper towel dispenser, the kind you see in public restrooms - the socks would come out one by one from the bottom.  They could be decorative on the outside to match your decor and they would come in any kind of sock you wanted for your family - oh and someone would come keep it stocked for you regularly, like the Culligan guy some people use for salt in their softeners!  We would have 3 sock dispenser in this house - short (for tennis shoes and such), medium height (for hiking books) and tall (for boots).

This is not a new subject for me - I have blogged about socks before and I also have serious sock issues:

1. My socks have to match - and not just visually but the way they feel - so even though I might buy the same kind of socks every time - to be a pair they must have been bought at the same time so that they are "worn" the same amount.
2. My socks can NEVER touch the ground/floor before they go into my shoes - NEVER!  When I put socks and shoes on I put one sock on then that shoe and then do the other foot - this drives Chris insane, he says that is wrong - both socks then both shoes that is how normal people do it!  So for instance if I go out to feed or whatever and come in and their is manure on my boots and I take them off unless I immediately put on another pair of shoes the pair of socks I am wearing is considered unsuitable  - so if I put on shoes later to go somewhere a clean pair of socks is required!

I said serious issues!

We used to handle socks by the basket method - they were literally baskets (yes more than one) of unmatched socks strategically placed around the house for your convenience!

This one I found in our bedroom next to the bathroom door - I don't think anyone has used socks out of this in a month yet I still find it difficult to just pitch the whole lot of them - which I have been known to do - about once a year I get in a sock huff and gather all the baskets, dump them out, match all I could and throw the rest away!  Once I even took 3 baskets full of random socks, dumped them in the back of my Explorer and would open the tailgate at softball practices and match socks watching the girls practice - now if that ain't classy - true story!

Now we use the drawer under the dryer - as I fold the clothes from the dryer I just open the drawer and drop the unmatched socks in - it has actually been working great - you need socks, you go to the drawer - if you want them to match be my guest and if you don't care I don't either!

A sock dispenser - this might be my million dollar idea - of course if I need help from Chris on any part of this I will have to wait until he perfects the taco dispenser that he has always dreamed of!


  1. So that's what those drawers are for;0)

  2. LOL @ Sarah!
    I have laundry issues, too! I don't mind washing, even folding isn't so bad... but our sectional sofa can remained piled with folded, sorted laundry until it's all gone through the wash a second time! Sometimes inviting friends over is the only thing that will motivate me to get it all put away!
    And the socks... well, I wear holes through mine so fast (no idea how!) and am known to wear mis-matched socks (much to the dismay of our 2 yr old!), because I've thrown out each of their mates!

  3. I have a pile of socks in a drawer in my bedroom. I can't bring myself to throw them out. Every now and again, they come in handy.

  4. My dryer doesn't have a drawer.....DANG! Too funny about your sock "thing." Hubby wears his out all the time; me, I still have the smooshed, leggin-looking ones from the '80s somewhere upstairs. ACK! That tells you I have my own issues! DOUBLE DANG! ;-)

  5. I raised a daughter with serious sock issues, usually upset about how the seam across the toe was situated. I laugh now, as her daughter has shoe issues! It's great!

    I love the sock dispenser idea. I'll be watching for it to be marketed at Walmart.

    1. You deserve to laugh - I call my Mom all the time when one of my kids does or says something mean that I am sure I did as a kid and apologize to her!

  6. You are so funny a sock dispenser sounds great. You truly do have sock issues.:) B

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