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April 27, 2012

Livestock VS. Kids

I'll be honest - there are those days that I wish we had just decided to get more livestock-

  1. Livestock always come running when you go to feed them it doesn't matter what you serve they never complain!
  2. When you want livestock to get up it doesn't whine and you can kick it in the butt to get it moving!
  3. You can tie them with a halter to the barn wall, my guess is CPS would frown on this with kids! (note to self: check on this to be sure!)
  4. They sleep in the barn/outside not randomly around your house and then complain when others are too loud!
  5. They don't produce inordinate amounts of dirty laundry, they wear the same thing all the time and quite frankly don't care if you ever wash it!
  6. They can't roll their eyes - enough said!
  7. Hot shots are legal to get them moving - refer to #3 on legality as well as note to self!
  8. They don't talk back - heck they don't talk at all!

Why Not:
  1. I can hug livestock (and have) but they don't stand still or hug back without some hay in my hand - come to think of it though I usually have to have a cupcake to hug a kid and get them to stand still! (consider moving this one to Why!)
ummm yea pretty much all I got right now in the Why Not department

The other day trying to get the kids moving to get on the bus I swear I yelled "Suey Kids let's go" and while moving market hogs later that day said "C'mon hurry up your gonna miss your ride!"

That night I yelled "Suk kids let's eat, come and get it" and when I fed the calves hollered "Get over here now supper is ready!"

 And I don't think anyone even noticed!


    1. One more for the Why Not: While they leave piles of many things around the house, it's usually not shi....fecal material :-) Other than that, I'm pretty much with you right now! :-) I love my kids I love my kids I love my kids MOMS ROCK!

    2. I LOVE LOVE your wit and humor! Yes I agree.

    3. You still crack me up. Kids/cow kids/cows quite the decision. :) B

    4. Livestock also doesn't beg for every new toy/game that comes along.