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April 24, 2012

My GoTo Breakfast & Snack

My goal in January was to prove to all that I could cook and to share at least one recipe a month - yeah that just ain't workin' out for me - but I just made myself a smoothie for breakfast and my camera was just sitting there on the counter staring at me and I thought what the heck - so here is my sister's smoothie that she taught me how to make and it is seriously my GoTo Breakfast almost every morning and several times a week for a quick snack!

Very Simple Very Easy - all you need is some frozen fruit, some juice, some protein powder and a blender!

I always buy 100% juice and no sugar added fruit.
Throw it all in the blender and blend away!
My sister also adds some flax seed oil - she says it's good for me, I can't tell you why but I believe her but I ran out!

I tried to get all fancy and take a picture of me pouring it into the cup -

yeah that didn't work so well - I missed!

This is so easy and there are so many combinations - any juice and any fruit you like:

Chris doesn't like the little tiny seeds that the raspberries have - I say suck it up and get over it - let it sit for a minute, tap the bottom of the cup and they fall to the bottom, you'll be fine - but when I am feeling particularlly nice I make him one with just frozen strawberries and orange juice!

One of my favs in the afternoon (OK morning too) is instead of juice I use a Diet Mt. Dew (that makes my sister roll her eyes but it gives me energy - short lived she would say but I say I take what I can get!)


  1. Looks delicious! Can't wait to try this:)

  2. LOVE these. I have a pack in the freezer from Yoplait with Greek yogurt in it and fruit. This one you add milk to, and I throw in some blueberries because I still have like seven gallon bags of them in my freezer! Cool! Now I know what I will have for lunch!

    BTW flax seed oil is great to lower cholesterol and help with digestive issues when the get backed up. It's also good for your joints and skin!

  3. You and your sister sound like me and my sister. I had a smoothie for breakfast. Milk, yogurt, apple with peel, banana Chia seeds and cocoa. Works for me I like it. I am sometimes just in the mood for anything I can throw in a jar and blend saves chewing when I am tired. LOL just kidding. The cocoa makes me happy. B

  4. I need to make smoothies more often. That looks DELICIOUS!!