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April 23, 2012

Things that make me giggle like a 6th grader!

*Authors (that's me) Disclaimer - this will probably embarrass the heck out of Chris (his Mom raised him with couth and manners) and my Mom will want you all to know that she did raise me with couth and manners as well and I use them most of the time - at least in public but I love to smile and laugh and these things never fail to make me do so!

Pussy Willows - yes I am giggling as I type this!
It is extremely immature and childish but I can't control myself - I cannot say (or apparently type) pussy willows without giggling!

Brown Pool Water
One of my Dad's really good friends (Troy Brown) owns his own trucking company and has T.R. Brown on all of his trucks, all of them - except his pool water trucks - it took me years (yes years) to figure out why he didn't put his name on those trucks - to this day every time I see one of his pool water trucks I giggle like a 6th grader because if he had put his name on those tankers it would read in giant letters "BROWN POOL WATER" -- point in case I just saw one on my way to take lunch to the field, giggled and thought of writing this blog post

Potty Humor
I admit it - potty jokes make me laugh - I can't help it!  Case in point - the boy telling the brown pants joke - I have to smile when I look at my blog statistics because someone seems to always be Googling brown pants and I am pretty sure they aren't expecting him to be telling that joke when they click on the link!

I can belch like a trucker - I guess, I have always said that but I have no idea what makes me think truckers are good belchers but I definitely am!  I won't go any further on this subject as my belching ability's embarrass Chris and make my Mom cringe - BUT I AM REALLY GOOD and I always giggle after one - OK I am done now!


What makes you giggle like a 6th grader???? 

Something should because giggling is good for the soul!!!!


  1. Pretty much anything about XXX. See I can't even type the word, apparently I'm 12.

  2. Replies
    1. I love even more than before for recognizing that!!!!!

  3. I'm with you on pussy willows. Our girls are still innocent enough to say something that can be taken two ways and get away with it, but I just about bust out with a very inappropriate giggle, like when K wrote on her spelling paragraph, "Sadie (our dog) dislikes men and big balls." H also had a run of calling everyone "Puss." I think after watching Puss in Boots. I had to put the kabosh on that one before someone on the bus took offense.

  4. OH! BIG BANG THEORY can usually make me giggle at least 3-4 times a show. :-) ok, I'm done now.... I think!

  5. Pussy Willows always makes me think of the movie Serial Mom when Kathleen Turner would prank call her neighbor and scream that into the phone. Freaking hysterical!!

  6. my 9 year old standing at the top of the stairs howling, crying, and stomping her feet because it was fter 11:30 and Mr. M and I were talking and she just wanted to SLEEP! And we just couldn't stop laughing...
    and Pussy Willows IS funny to say!:)

  7. You crack me up! I love your Stat fact ;) Oh and you and my hubby would get along perfectly!