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May 3, 2012

. . . after all it is man night!

So a little bit ago Chris gets the usual Thursday night phone call, the all important one letting him know where Man Night is - usually in somebody's shop or barn, only men & beer allowed - so as soon as he hangs up he says "The cows are out of hay so when one of you goes out to feed the calves you should probably toss a couple of those really good (read as really heavy) bales from the loft into the feeder for tonight so they don't run the fence tonight and get out!"

My interpretation: "yeah Jent you need to make sure the kids get down a couple of bales that are way to heavy for them to carry thru the manure that is at least 8 inches deep in the lot which means that really you should just head out there and do it yourself"

So the boy and I head out there - I put on a pair of regular boots and he puts on Chris' rubber boots (don't ask because I have no idea why) - we feed the calves he pushes two heavy bales out of the loft and I realize I really should have on rubber boots so the boy and I proceed to trade boots (without sitting down which means that we can't have our feet touch the nasty barn floor either-remember I have sock issues) when Chris comes in the barn to "see" how we are getting along - he looks at me and says "wow those bales are gonna be heavy for you how about I carry them out to the gate for you?"

So I get the first bale in the feeder alright and head back to get the second bale when my boot (well his boot 3 sizes too big for me) gets sucked into the manure and I head face first into the shit manure but with my cat like reflexes (read as clumsy completely lucky move) I stick my hand out just in time to catch myself and bounce back up with just a dirty hand - Chris is laughing now - I grab the second bale only for the cows to realize that I am bringing in fresh hay - one comes up and starts nudging at the bale I swat her away she turns her back end towards me and kicks the bale - yep she kicked the bale and down on my butt I go with a heavy bale on top on me and 4 more cows now trying to eat the hay - and Chris is laughing harder now - I can't get up and he just keeps looking at me and then at his boots and then at me and says "I don't have on my work boots" - I said "I can feel my underwear getting wet!"

The boy ran in the house yelling "I'm getting the camera" which serves me right because that is exactly what I would of done if it had been Chris or one of the kids!

It's a good thing I love him and after all it is man night!


  1. And he was all dressed and wearing his good "Man Night" boots!! Can't get shit all over them!!
    Glad to see the laughter again!!

  2. you crack me up! and my people would so do that to me too after all the weird photos i take of them.

  3. I am officially your third reader so you reached your quota! I really would love to see you star in the Real Farmwives of Indiana...just as entertaining as those other wives!

  4. Thank you for the laugh! That is something that could easily happen to me too :)

  5. You look great !!!!
    Nothing like a mans night to get a great blog post :) I am still laughing. B

  6. Oh my goodness - that is hilarious!! I hope you are laughing about it now!

    If he has a man night - does that mean you have a woman night? That would be pretty awesome! Only women, food, and alcohol allowed!

  7. I just laughed so hard...and I needed it! Thank you for sharing the story AND the photos. :)

  8. The photos are super!!!!! Thanks for sharing

  9. Oh My! Been there,done that(when I lived on a farm)My city boy wouldn't understand.

  10. Too funny! Yesterday I shook hands and chatted with Senator Lugar in the morning and then spent the next hour and half ankle deep in very fresh cow poop helping Steve fix the feed conveyor belt. I just about did your move twice, but my husband caught me both times. They weren't kidding when they made up the phrase "slippery than ____ shit!" I totally agree with Miss Megan; you are a STAR!

  11. Around here those 'man nights' are called 'safety meetings' and involve beer too!
    I can relate to your feeding the hay, I have more than once had my boot sucked off, I am not as coordinated as your and have stepped out of my boot into the 'manure', I took my sock off and stepped back into my boot. Pam

  12. I wonder that if she didn't wear the boot for her work, then what happen with her leg. Yuk. Disgusting. Thank God that she wears that boot.