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May 13, 2012

Happy Mom's Day, momma.

She still hasn't changed her password (evil laugh) 
My mom hates being called mother so I don't call it mothers day, for her sake. 

She has awesome aussie apparel 

She's friendly. 

She screams FARM MOM

                                                Some evidence that my mom is awesome. 
Happy Mothers day to all the mom's in the world you guys are pretty neat! Shout out to Bobbie Eck and Judy Campbell for being really amazing Grandma's too! 


  1. Dang it Jent! Someone in your house is earning big brownie points again! ;-) Great, if not sneaky, post that all moms would love to hear from their daughters and sons. I give it an A+!

  2. Awesome post!! That kid needs an extra big brownie for dessert tonight!! Love the photos she uploaded!!
    Happy Mommas Day!! <3 U!!

  3. Oh you kid is sneaky I like that. Happy Mom Day :) hug B

  4. Hey Jent you have a sneaky kid gotta love that. Happy MOM Day Hug B

  5. Great pictures. Kids are great!!!!!,

  6. I agree!! She is a great mom who would do anything for yu three. Lucky you for having her in your life, and she is lucky to have the four of you (had to count dad in there) in hers.