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May 21, 2012

The Linnie's Theory!

There is a bakery in Shelbyville called Linnie's - I love it, I could live there, I dream of it - once I even had a dream that I worked there and my job was to lick the beaters that was it, all I had to do was lick the beaters clean- completely serious!  Growing up anytime we had to go to town we would beg Mom to stop there and get a snack (brownies, donuts, thumbprint cookies, decorated sugar cookies, giant muffins of all flavors and don't even get me started on their alligator rolls) - it is just off the town circle and they only have street parking so Mom would always drive past (basically you had to from the direction we came into town) and if there was a parking spot in front of the bakery she would stop and we could get something and if there wasn't we didn't stop - she called it The Linnie's Theory - if there was a spot in front it meant that we should stop and if there wasn't well we just drove on past cause it wasn't meant to be- for some reason that "theory" has stuck in our family and now not only with the parking spot available in front of the bakery but with anything if it is meant to be or not we call it "The Linnie's Theory"!

Why is that important right now - because I just experienced a "Linnie's Theory" moment related to blogging - it has been well over a week since I last posted (except for the amazing Mom's Day post my favorite daughter wrote - yes K you are my favorite just don't tell the other two!!!) - I was experiencing some inner turmoil -  doesn't that sound dramatic; inner turmoil - about WHY? I blog - is it for me? is it for others? how do I come across? am I presenting an image (good or bad) that might be misinterpreted? - so last night I decided that I was going to make a decision today - TO BLOG OR NOT TO BLOG - that was the question - again very dramatic - for some reason the world is very black and white to me, you pick a side of the fence and get on that side, very seldom do you find me just sitting on the fence on an issue - so this morning was to be my deadline to pick a side - I was having trouble, I was actually on the fence and couldn't pick a side and then "the Linnie's Theory" happened - I got on FaceBook and saw this on my FB blog page:

It was a comment from a life long friend - someone I have literally known since we were born, we just don't see each other any more - to be perfectly honest (which apparently I am extremely adept at) I hadn't seen her in several years until my Dad's funeral,  we are FB friends but honestly don't comment on each others stuff very often but for some reason she chose last night to leave this comment:

"These are really pretty. You are a good photographer and writer."


Now if that just didn't scream "Linnie's Theory" than I don't know what does -

So while I genuinely get excited over every single comment and/or like I get - just ask Chris and the kids - this one pushed by butt right off the fence and onto the blogging side - I realized that while the comments make my heart smile this is MY journal and I truly don't want to forget a second of this life that I love so much and the people that I share it with - the good, the bad, the ugly and the messy I love every second!

P.S. Cathy if you are reading this and Chris & the kids paid you to leave that comment so I would quit whining I don't want to know but if they didn't and you just left it I want to Thank You from the bottom of my heart!


  1. Whew!!! So thankful for your decision!!!! I love your blog!!! I have been stewing on a post about why I blog and hope to get it posted soon if things ever slow down! And btw, I love Linnie's and haven't eaten there for about 6 years when I worked in the big city and one of my coworkers who lived in Shelbyville used to bring it to the office. Now I have a craving!

  2. Hi Jent: I totally understand!! It's like you are reading my mind. I think all of us "little people" who blog at some point in time start questioning why we're doing it. If it's for someone else, I might as well give it up because there are dozens of people who do it better than I do. I can't help but be a little envious when some bloggers are talking about publishing books and/or cookbooks and others seem to evoke dozens of comments each and every day. But you know what? You're the only one who can tell your story. I'm the only one who can tell mine. And, someday, I hope it will stand as a record of what farming was like, what farm families were like, what happened in our little corners of the world. I'm glad you decided to continue. I do enjoy reading you!!

  3. There must be a blogging bug going around.

    I have changed my blog a little. Went to 4 days of posting vs. 5. I am finding I enjoy outdoor photography more that food photography and have decreased my recipes. I would also like to do a bit more writing.

    I agree with you and Kim. Only we can tell our stories, it’s our journal and a way to express ourselves. It's just more fun to share it on the internet than keep it in a book!

    I love when I get comments that keep me going. They just make my day.

    To be honest, Jent, I am looking forward to your summer show season adventures and pictures. So, you need to keep up the good blogging you do!

  4. I'm always glad to see a new post from Jent's Front Porch :) Keep up the good work.

  5. I am soo glad Linnie's Theory worked. I have told ya a million times before, I just love your blog and I am so glad you keep blogging.

  6. Yay!! Glad you're sticking around. I'm finding that as I approach a year, I'm blogging less. I've decided not to stress about it. I'll write when I write. I have to say, I do LOVE pulling up my blog list & seeing you there. You ALWAYS make me smile.

  7. Do you know your blog is the only one Steve asks about or shows an interest in? That includes MINE thank you very much! I have to read it to him; he doesn't have the time or patience to find it, but he always asks, "What's your boot friend up to now?" ( a reference back to harvest when you were taking pictures of your boots, especially propped up on the tractor wheel!) Keep sharing the love and spreading the truth with your wonderful honesty and humor. Your gift is too good not to share!

  8. i love reading your blog. it puts a smile on my face every time. your honest, funny and love all those things i love too.
    blogging should be about us and no one else. if someone doesn't like it they don't have read or follow. but so many do and that's what motivates.
    keep doing what you love!

  9. Ok what in the hell is alligator rolls?

    1. An absolutly amazing pastry thingee - it is a pastry dough that they weave or braid with cinnamon sugar in it then bake it - put a clear glaze icing on it and then cover it with chopped toasted pecans - I have absolutly no idea why they call it an Alligator roll but it is awesome!

  10. I need to join you and get off the fence. I like reading your blog Keep up the good writing.

  11. Can't believe I forgot to comment on this one...you had me with the title and I was nodding my head the whole time I read this one. I still use that way of thinking when looking to stop for a donut. Keep writing my friend, please, for all of us and for you.