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May 24, 2012

Random Encouragement

Well we are done planting and have moved on to spraying and putting on anhydrous - those fields that we didn't pre-plant - so the guys have been busy doing that!  Since they were busy Chris asked me if I would bush hog the pasture this afternoon - I said "of course"!

So I get down to the barns fully prepared to hop in one of the tractors with air conditioning on this 90 degree not a single cloud in the sky high pollen count afternoon and notice the bush hog is hooked up to the 4430 - one without a cab - so I text Chris this:

"seriously making me bush hog pasture on the 4430 w/no cab in 90 degrees - trying to remember I am not a wimp"

I stick my phone in my back pocket, put the tractor in gear and head toward the pasture - pretty soon I get a text - I don't recognize the number but I open the text to read:

"Dude...I don't know who this is but I'm sorry that ur hot and having to mow a pasture but thanks for the giggle.  Ur not a wimp!  drink your water!"

I look at the number again and realize that I have transposed (like that big word - I transposed not just switched) two numbers in Chris' phone number and have texted some random person so of course I immediately text back:

"wow I am so sorry obviously wrong number but thanks for the encouragement"


"if it is any consolation you were a lot more encouraging than my hubs who was supposed to get the text and would of either ignored it because he hates texting or would of said just get the job done"

To which my new friend responds with:

Hahaha! You poor thing.  Maybe it will help you to know that the self-propel has been out on my mower for two seasons so I push mow 1/3 of an acre twice a week while my hubs works in an office!  We are women. Hear us RAWR.  Silly men...but seriously drink ur water.  Goodluck!"

So I say "Thank You" to my random encouragement transposed phone number friend, those texts totally made my day - and you really should get your lawn mower fixed - I thought riding without a cab was bad at least I don't have to push mow!


  1. That is about th coolest thing I have read lately. Love it!

  2. That is a good one. I have faxed the wrong number and got a letter back lady don't know what you are talking about wrong number

  3. Ha! This made me laugh out loud!!!

  4. That was so funny! I love stuff like that. One time hunting with my husband, he laid on his radio and it kept keying. I didn't know if he was hurt or what. I kept trying to contact him to no avail. Finally out of frustration, I yelled "where the hell are you!" Some poor scared stranger answered, "on the fenceline, on the fenceline!" Don't know who he was and I quit using the radio. I was laughing so hard. Glad your person was more encouraging than I was.

  5. I think God loves you very much! Or thought Chris could use a break from digging his hole deeper ;-) If it helps, Steve was out on the 4020 cutting grass hay all day. He has a great start on his farmer's tan.

  6. That is so cool just like it was meant to happen for both of you. I love those strange unexpected moments in life. B

  7. Great story. Hope you didn't burn out there.

  8. Loved this story! :) Funny, I was going to post about mowing my lawn as well.

  9. Go girl. You're my hero. I've been learning how to drive the tractor (crew up in the city, so I'm a late bloomer); The Man always irritates me by coming behind and cleaning up after me! You do a great job. Tell him to buy you a sun shade for that thing at the very least.

  10. Thanks for the laugh! Isn't it great to make new friends?!

  11. Too funny!! Sounds like they made your day!!

  12. Ha! I love it! So much better than a gruff "You've got the Wrong number"!