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May 23, 2012

WW: I might need an Insta-vention!

I think I am addicted to Instagram and may need an intervention soon!

Get it - Instagram Intervention an Insta-vention - I crack myself up!

I also love Diptic - I don't have a smart phone so a few month's ago I bought myself an iPod touch - I listen to it in my truck, I bought this thingee that lets me listen to it in the tractors over the radio speakers, I keep our family calendar on it and I have found I love the camera on it for fun things like Instagram!

I have way too many pictures of my turquoise bar project - I do believe turquoise will be to this decade what avocado green was to the 70's!

Random pictures of the kids actually working with their cattle!

Random projects around the house that probably are of no interest to anyone else!

Pictures and collage's of checking the cows with Chris!

side note: aren't these pics so sweet of Casey with her new calf - looks pretty healthy doesn't he - he probably wasn't 5 hours old in these pics and when I went back to check him less than 24 hours later he had died - so heart breaking and disappointing.

Picture of the shirt I was wearing one day-

and the shoes I was wearing another day when Chris said "please
get to the field and work the ends for Josh right away"!

Cole reading on the porch!

Our dinner Sat. night for support of  the Ag Pizza Party event!

Since we finished planting I have been going scouting with Chris and learning so much!

I do believe knee high by the 4th of July will be no problem this year!

And a gorgous Indiana sunset behind our house!



  1. Isn't this just the BEST ap? LOVE my Instagram! I'm even learning how to save it to my computer so I can put it on other pages and my blog. Gotta keep on learning or we will be so far behind! LOVE your pics!

  2. P.S. So wish Domino's wasn't like 30 miles away! They rock with their support of AG!

  3. Jent
    Love the random update! Hope you have a great rest of the week.

  4. Love all the pictures!! Keep 'em coming!!

  5. I use frametastic but I like your collages better...may have to download your app. Glad someone else is obsessed with instagram as I am!

  6. i just instagram for my droid. and i havent figured it out yet. i love that cream/baldie calf. so sad it didn't make it. and that last photo is awesome!