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June 5, 2012

The Correct Way To Eat A Cupcake!


I do - they are like mini cakes that I get all to myself - and I have mastered the best way to eat them no matter how much icing is on one - and there should be lots of icing!

 Step 1: Peel the entire cupcake liner off the cupcake - I always use liners I think they keep the cupcake moister (is that a word?) and obviously make clean up easier-I am pretty sure cupcake law states that if you use liners you don't ever have to wash the cupcake pan!

Step 2:  With both hands and using your fingertips - firmly but gently with one hand grasp the top of the cupcake just under the "lip" or top and with your other hand from the bottom of the cupcake firmly but gently grasp about half way up - this is important - you really want to break or tear the cupcake in half horizontally.

Step 3:  Now that you have the bottom half of the cupcake removed you are going to turn it a complete 180 degrees so that the torn top or middle of the cupcake will be placed face down on the icing there by making a sandwich with your cupcake!

So that when you bite into it you do not end up with all the icing on your upper lip-

Or you can ignore your genius Mom and just eat it the regular way and be a complete laughing mess!

Now go make some cupcakes!


  1. Cute! never thought of that!

  2. That is the only way to eat a cupcake and the best

  3. No! no! you LICK the icing OFF the cupcake. THEN you peel the liner and eat the cake part. That way you get to find out right away if the icing is good enough to hunt down the bowl it was made in so you can lick that, too (if there's any icing left in it, of course).

    1. Yes Andrea I do see your point there but I am a very 1:1 ratio icing to cake kind of gal and my kids would of already had a knock down drag out fight over who got to lick the icing bowl and the winner has already had their face inside the bowl and licked it clean!

  4. That is hilarious!!! This is how I eat cupcakes too - the icing to cake ratio is much better this way!

    Sarah from The House That Ag Built

  5. Today it is official... I was able to convert half a dozen birthday party guests! Genius idea!

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