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June 29, 2012

Friday Confessions

So I am "confessing" for the first time today and have to say I am a little excited (oh look I just made my first confession!)!!!!

I confess that when talking RPM's on a JD tractor I have to use techinical terms like "rabbit" and "turtle" - tis' true just ask Chris, it drives him nuts!

I confess that I am thinking of doing a project that is pretty much a waste of money and time and something completely unlike me but I really want to do it for fun!  So I have almost 2 full gallons of different shades of turquiose paint from my bar project (which isn't finished yet- look a confession within a confession) because heaven forbid I should just buy a quart of paint and then need more  -  so I had this idea to "fancy" up my closet with the leftover paint, closet - basically a formal word for the small room in which I wade thru every morning to find something to wear because although there are shelves and rods in my closet it is basically a pile of clothes on the floor!  But anyway I have a whole board on Pinterest that I started with ideas that I want to use-but the first step is purchasing the "centerpiece", which I am having a hard time justifying to myself and is at a flea market type place and will probably be gone by the time I work up the nerve to purchase it - see all this drama over a closet!

I confess that one of the heifers out in the barn is MINE, ALL MINE but I am having the boy show it in 4-H and letting him think we are doing "this" together - thank goodness he doesn't read my blog I asked him one time he said "Mom I don't have to I live it!".  But we did have her AI'ed a couple of weeks ago and as Daryl stuck his hand inside her and said "umm wow she doesn't have very much room in here to give birth" - so maybe I will just let the boy have her and get myself another one - is that wrong?

I confess I have issues with where eggs come from - I do - I am a farmers daughter, a farmers wife, I know where my meat comes from but I believe eggs come from the grocery store!!!  They do not come straight out of a chickens a$$ - I have a friend who keeps me stocked in eggs lately and everytime I go to the fridge to get one out and carry it to the sink to wash it I spend the whole time gagging - there may be hog & cattle manure on my floor but holding that poop covered egg that shot straight out of the chicken's ____ - well it is a weakness - God Bless chicken and egg farmers but truly God Bless the person who washes the eggs I buy at the grocery store!

I confess I love my polar pop but am extremely irritated with the price hike - not because they aren't worth it but because when they were 75 cents - 3 quarters were so easy to find and easy to pay the cashier but who has readily available 3 quarters, a dime and a penny - that just makes NO marketing sense to me!

I confess I hate exercising - I mean HATE exercising - so I just don't do it!  I try have tried, I really have, much to Chris' dismay I have owned/not used but purchased a tread mill, Ab Lounger and The Bun & Thigh Roller - but when I used them I would sweat, get short of breath and my heart would race - I know what your thinking - that is what is suppossed to happen but that is the point I would panic and go sit for a minute till the feeling would go away and then just give up - my thighs and I have just come to an agreement to just live with each other!

Wow you have no idea how freeing this really is and I could seriously continue confessing the goings ons in my life that would make you stop and wonder why you have continued reading this far but afraid not to go on for fear of missing something - like 2 picture texts I got this week involving cattle breeding (literally) and a closeup of a heifers rear asking me identify heat-a frantic phone call from my favorite SIL saying that she had shaved her daughters 4-H show dogs rear to close and it now looked like a baboon they had a show the next day could I fix it-or that I am forcing (not kidding either I had to force him to go)  Chris to take a 4-wheeler trip with some guys because sitting around watching this crop burn up is killing us both and at this rate we might kill each other - see FUN TIMES FUN TIMES - you just can't make this stuff up people!


  1. Never a dull moment on the farm. Poor baboon-butt puppy; at least he/she will have a cool hinnie in all this heat! Hugs!

  2. I confess, I drove through downtown the other day & saw a metal peacock I considered trying to get TWH to buy...

  3. Love it! I am with you on the eggs. After seeing how much (and how well) they clean them at the big egg farms, I decided grocery eggs were a luxury I would gladly pay for... God bless them!

  4. Oh you crack me up!! with those poopy eggs and everything else.
    I am glad you have things to laugh about the weather is not very good for all of you down there and I hope you get the rain you need and everyone else gets it to. I think we all need a laugh. We can always count on you.
    I broke the baler LOL My Hero had to fix it for me that was kind of funny but he did not think so. Off to bale have a good weekend and keep making me laugh:) B

  5. I have been wanting to give our pantry a similar "make-over"! I have pinned an example with fun and funky wallpaper... our closet could use some help, too, now that you mention it! I'm off to peek at your board!
    BTW.... congrats fellow Liebster Blog!

  6. Hey Jent just thinking of you today hope all is well. I know you are as busy as I am. I am kind of looking forward to winter:) B