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June 3, 2012

Why can't I remember this?

Creator God, you have given us your Spirit to lean upon, yet we often depend upon our own strength and wisdom.  Forgive us and bring us back into your presence.  By your Word and by your Spirit, fill us with your presence that equips us to meet all of life's demands. AMEN.

So I seem to be truckin' along just fine all week and then when I have to walk into the church on Sunday morning I just lose it - this morning I made it to church just fine walked thru the parking lot, up the sidewalk, almost up the steps and I sent the kids in and bypassed them walked around the side of the church sat on the back concrete steps in the sun and cryed!

I finally forced myself to pull it together, walked into the church stood in the back parlor for a minute waiting for the first hymn and when everyone stood up I walked to our pew stood the remainder of the song, looked at the bulletin and read the Prayer of Confession in unison with everyone else when the words hit me and I took a huge deep breath - my Mom would call this a God Wink!


  1. AMEN! and a big Hug!

    P.S. Did you get my FB message? Look for the bacon post! It's cute!


    That was an extra-squeezy one!!