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July 22, 2012

13 years ago at this time . . .

I had been home for about 5 hours taking care of a 3 and half year old and a newborn!

Happy 13th Birthday to my surprise little girl!

Emi Lou was supposed to be Brett Coleman, right up until the second she was born and the doctor said "It's A Girl" and in a daze of painkillers I was thoroughly confused and kept insisting that the Dr. was wrong and it was a boy, while my sister was just outside the door looking at the nurses saying "Did he say a girl cause I think it's a boy?"!  Seriously we had spent the last 4 months preparing for a boy, it didn't really matter that she was a girl we just were expecting a boy - that is what they said at the ultra sound so that is what I was prepared for!  Now my Mom on the other hand kept insisting it was a girl - so much so that she even insisted 2 days before I was induced that I go to the store and buy a cute pink outfit to bring "her" home from the hospital in!  I am positive I rolled my eyes but indulged her and purchased a little pink & white striped outfit - I remember bringing it home setting it by the door in the sack with the receipt in the bag so that when the baby was born a "boy" I could return the outfit immediately!  We (Chris & I) even picked her name out 2 days before she was born - we just looked at each other that night and both kind of said "Oh I don't know, like it matters but I guess we will just go with Emi Lou"!

Mom was right!

Emi Lou joined us on July 22 at 4:30am and she was a girl!
Good thing we had that pink outfit!

And at 2:30 that afternoon Chris looked at the Dr. and said:
"She looks pretty good (nodding towards me) and the baby seems healthy do you think you might go ahead and release them so we don't have to pay for the extra night in the hospital?"
We had/have self-employed health insurance and no maternity and the Dr. knew that he looked me and the baby over and said "Sure I don't see a problem with that"!

Seriously, I am not kidding - we loaded up and came home - Emi Lou has never spent the night in a hospital!

My girl is energetic, talkative, caring, loving, stubborn, independent, needy, imaginative, messy, ornery, a girly tomboy and a lover of all things pink - she is a ball of fun to be around but stay out of her way when she is mad (wonder where she gets that?) and I couldn't love her anymore if I tried!

Happy Birthday Emi Lou - you are a blessing - Welcome to your teenage years!

All well wishes go directly to her and sympathy wishes to me!


  1. Happy Birthday Emi Lou! Love those pigtails. That girl has a serious head of hair. Gorgeous!

  2. This would not have made such a good story if all had gone as planned!!

  3. Such a special girl! Happy day, Lou!

  4. Happy Birthday Emi Lou you sound just like your Mom. I know you probably won't appreciate that but someday you will:) B

  5. I can appreciate Button's comment! Happy Birthday Emi Lou....wonder if your mom and dad listened to the Oak Ridge Boys much? Your name always makes me think of their song! Have a great day and love your family. That's what makes it all good!