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July 7, 2012

Friday "Farmwife" Confessions

Well it is Friday again and I do have some things to confess so here I am again -

I confess that sometimes I procrastinate and sometimes I am late - probably no surprise to anyone reading this since it is Saturday and this is Friday Confessions!

I confess (and this is a big one) that last week I linked up to the cutest blog that I think must have started this whole Friday Confessions thing-I was over excited to say the least - I confessed my little heart out, went to her site, linked up immediatly!  Then I started reading the 11 links above mine and had a slight panic attack after reading about 7 and instantly went back and deleted my link - all the linked blogs and all their confessions were so sweet and innocent none of them involved tractors, heifers and their breeding parts, where eggs actually come from, shaving a dogs hind quarters or texts involving cattle "gettin' busy"-needless to say I am now confessing all on my own and not linking up so as not to spoil the sweetness that is the lives of those who don't live with pigs (you can decide if I mean my family or the livestock)!!

I confess that 4-H projects are due next week and we aren't done - I KNOW EVERYONE IS SHOCKED!  Photography is due Wed. morning and we haven't started - and by haven't started I mean no one has taken a picture that they like or would even consider using - which only reminds of the year in 4-H I actually had to use Polaroids - I know right - back in the day of film and send off developing you really had to plan ahead, we lived out in the country and didn't go to town everyday and it took almost a week to get film developed so a few days before the project was due my Mom handed me her Polaroid camera one box of film (which I think was 10 pictures) sent me and my sister out in the yard and said don't come back until your done - I turned in a poster with 10 polaroid pictures on it of my sister posed in different places around our yard, barns and shop - I probably don't need to tell you I didn't win any big ribbons that year!!!  Am very thankful for digital and one hour printing today!

I confess that sometimes I look around my house and am still shocked at the things I see:

4-H paperwork UNDER a fork covered in icing and red cake crumbles!

Mud covered boots in the middle of a drought!

I confess that while I don't color or highlight my hair sometimes I get those gray/white wiry hairs that are so nasty that I just pull them out - I also don't think it is a coincidence that they ALWAYS show up in three's-I swear always 3 of them!

I suppose some people live pretty little Martha Stewart lives, you know by 8 every morning the clothes are folded, beds made, makeup on, kids organized like books in a library, yeah not so much around here but I do love my life and while earlier today I was driving around crying seeing nothing but burnt up fields planted heart and soul by farmers who love what they do I wouldn't change anything for a different life style.


  1. Oh Jent you always make me smile I. I cry at the thought of everyone going through so much lately fires, great losses, drought, heat the list goes on. I am so happy I can come here and always get a smile. Thank you my friend.
    Let the white hair grow mine is all white now did you not hear White i s the new Blonde? :0 Quit worrying I look fabulous:) OK that may only be my opinion. Hugs B

  2. I love your blog. Reading it is like a visit from my sister, and we haven't lived on a farm for over 30 years. When we talk about old times, we talk about living on the farm. Don't worry about white hair, I always think of them as medal of merits.