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July 12, 2012

I should know better than to . . .

. . .ask a farmer and 3 kids to take family pictures, in 85 degree 90% humidity weather, the week before the fair, during a drought, in a pasture, involving cattle, on someone else's property at 8:30 in the evening!

Yeah I should know better but I did it anyway!

I love this little random tree out in the middle of the pasture and when the sun is out the cows gather under for shade- I love it when they are all under it so when I got to the pasture I took a bucket of feed and scattered it under the tree and all around - dumb cows couldn't eat with their heads towards the pics they spent the whole time either with their butts toward us or interested in what we were doing - Chris was a good sport but just kept mumbling "I don't know what made you think you could get cattle to do what you want for a picture!"

Casey thought it would be fun to take chairs to the pasture to sit in for pictures, so she went around the house picking chairs that she felt "represented" each person - so not only are we in a rented pasture behind someones house we had to drive there looking like the Beverly Hillbilly's with all these chairs in the back of the truck!  Chris got his chair from the kitchen table, Casey got a stool, Cole got the little kids rocker, Emi Lou got a purple desk chair and I got a tall straight backed chair that normally sits in the garage (I don't want to know why she thought this chair "represented" me!)!
Not bad for the first shot - but I felt like I was sitting funny so I switched my legs around,

That was more comfortable but I kept asking my Mom (who was running the camera) if it made my thighs look fat and she never really said "no" just "don't make me laugh cause it shakes the camera"!

Emi Lou didn't like not having her eye on the bull - I had to keep hollering at her to look at the camera we would watch the bull!

God Bless my Mom - I had her running the camera, squatted down in the grass where I wanted her, trying to avoid cowpies telling her to just keep snapping pics and we would just keep smiling and surely we could get one good one but Mary Anne was curious and kept getting closer and closer

and closer but Mom never moved she just kept snapping pics!

Cole smiles like Chris - when they smile it looks like their eyes are closed!
"Cole open your eyes!"

"Seriously boy open your eyes"

"Dude not that far"

"Dang it boy don't make me hurt you!"

I like this one except for the cow butt - really, would it of been just too much for the cows to just gather peacefully under the tree? or at least eat with their heads towards us???

Emi Lou still concerned with the bull!

Casey decided to take a few pics of me and Chris for her 4-H photography project - I mean 'why not' it is just Monday night and they were due Wed. morning, might as well give it a go and see if anything looks good!

Cow butt

more cow butt

and yet again - I found this when I downloaded the pics and said hollered "CASEY why did you do this" to which she answered "it's an action shot Mom!"

My theory has always been I only need one good one - and thank goodness cause I think that might be all we got!


  1. One good one. I think they are all great, cow butts and all. Well, maybe not the "action shot."

  2. They look awesome to me!! Love the action shot too!

  3. I think they're ALL awesome!! Love the idea of the chairs!! May hafta steal it for our next family photo!!

  4. Great shots, but I think you owe your momma big time! I would have kept my eye on the bull too. Action shot? It's all part of the country ambience. :-)

  5. They are all good! You always make me laugh!

  6. I love them all. Can your Mom come here and photograph our cow butts and family she did an awesome job.
    You make me laugh. B

  7. I love the one of the cow coming close with the three kids and your son's face is all squished up! So precious! And, at least the cow peeing shows that she's hydrated! :) Such great, classic, agriculture family photos!

  8. Super cute idea!! Love the second to last one of everyone!