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July 16, 2012

Stall Setup & Annual Airing of the Grievances

Well we have made it thru judging week, set-up & the annual airing of the grievances (I hope)!  Def. made it thru judging week, def. survived set-up and I am hoping we have made it thru the airing of the grievances - it wasn't so much a knock down drag out screaming match this year so I am not counting my chickens before they are hatched - it has been known to happen as late as Wednesday of the fair during grooming for the steer show - but we did have a scuffle so am hoping the gods count that as the official airing and we are done for the year!

What is the Annual Airing of the Grievances you ask.  Well it is truly a sight to behold if you are not involved - it is the one time of the year Chris and I have our knock down drag out - we have scuffles, disagreements and bicker thru out the year but this annual event is on a whole different level for us - funny thing is it isn't always just about the fair and showing even though that is what seems to set it off - things come flying out of left field during this 'confrontation' - it has become somewhat expected and a joke between us really - sometimes close to the fair something will happen and instead of 'discussing' it right then one of us will look at the other and say "just save it for the airing" or something will happen and after it is over one of us will say "oh that is so coming back up in the airing"!  But this year has been different, maybe it is the fact that I am no longer the ring leader of this circus but according to the new boss (yeah the oldest) she is whipping this outfit into shape and 'finally' making us look professional - I say more power to her and handed her my jacket with tails and black tophat (cause she is so gonna need them to look professional

We actually accomplished set-up pretty low key this year - the kids did so much of the work, I really can't believe how responsible they have become - now ask me at the end of the week if I still feel that way!

These are from our first trip in - moving the mulch around, setting up the fan cage, hanging fans, running the electrical cords and bringing in the show box.

This is my favorite picture - I have one from every year!

And the final result - takes us 2 trips with the trailer, second load is swing chairs, hay, straw and grooming chutes!  My hope every year is that it looks this good at the end of the week!

Tmw. read about our first day, a rousing game of Bullshit and what I had to do to make sure the middles steer made market weight- it's classy only in a way I can pull off!!!!

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  1. My dad is the most laid back guy ever and EVERY year while washing our show pigs for the fair he would lose it. Mainly because we did nothing to prepare and were basically useless to the process. It was actually kind of fun!