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July 18, 2012

The Love Of My Life - God Bless Him

20 years!  It is one of those things when you stop and think about you can’t decide whether it feels like “Wow 20 years it has gone so fast” or “Wow-20 years-seems like a lot longer!”!

Chris and I met in January 1991, had our first date in July 1991, got engaged in November 1991 and married July 1992 – happiness and bliss have been our life since the day of our first date (don’t worry even he knows that is dripping with sarcasm)!  But in all seriousness I am truly blessed have been since day one and love him with all my heart!

Our first date was on a Tuesday night, we went to Stuart Anderson's Cattle Co. to eat and afterwards on the way home he says to me “I like to go on a first day on a week night that way I don’t have to entertain you all night!” – yeah he swept me right off my feet!  Every time I tell this story he interjects that he meant “first dates can be awkward I just meant on a week night you don’t have to stay out late” but he did not clarify that the evening of our date – I did go home and tell my Mom what he said and we both just kind of rolled our eyes and thought ‘wow but whatever’!  Of course that didn’t stop me from jumping at a second date the minute he asked!

Our third date- The Johnson Cty Fair tractor pull

We also went to the state fair on a date!

In November of that year after dating for 4 months we got engaged!  Chris sold a load of hogs in Columbus to Mariah Packing drove over to Fairoaks Mall walked into a jewelry store and bought a ring-I am pretty sure he changed his boots but also pretty sure that the scent of hogs was still with him and probably a first for the jewelry store staff - I'll be honest I can't remember the exact date that we got engaged officially - I do recall that the night before Thanksgiving that year we were talking about it and I said "Aren't you supposed to ask my Dad first" and he said "Why don't you take care of that, mention it to your parents and see what they think!" - so I did on Thanksgiving morning sitting in my parent's kitchen while my Mom was cooking and my Dad just looked at me and said "I don't see a ring" - my Dad was very practical, I am not sure if he maybe thought I was just musing but mostly thought I needed to make my own decisions.  I know he didn't give me the ring that day but it must of been that weekend - I know I should probably know this stuff-but details aren't much my thing I just knew we were getting married and I was ecstatic!

When it came to choosing a date I knew I wanted warm weather - I wanted a hog roast in my parent's backyard!  So the first thing Chris did was look at me and say "OK no spring or fall - no April, May or early June because of planting, no September or October or early November because of harvest; we wean these dates so none of those weekends; we breed these dates so none of those; we farrow these dates so none of those; the county fair is always the end of July (it was back then) do we agree we want to be here and go?  So pick a date!"

And about the only one left was July 18!

It was perfect - although I don't remember a thing I was so nervous!

And everyday since has been storybook perfect - The End!

OK but seriously it is a wonder that Chris put up with me all these years - I might have a slight attitude problem, be a tad short tempered, maybe just a little stubborn and most def. he has spoiled me rotten which is great for me not so much for him - but we have made the most of the really good times and struggled thru the bad together.  We were blessed with amazing family on both sides, friends that we adore, 3 of the best kids, 8 nieces & nephews, doing what we both love for a living - we have seen drought, flood, crashing hog markets, the continual roller coaster of the grain market, the loss of 3 of our grandparents, losing my Dad - BUT WE DID IT ALL TOGETHER and I wouldn't trade one minute (good or bad) for anything different!

I love you Chris Campbell, thank you for the most amazing 20 years

 - here is to another 130!

FYI Chris - this is your card and present all rolled into one that didn't cost me a dime - aren't you proud of me!!!


  1. AWESOME POST! Now you have to get him to read it! ;-) Here is to many many many more years of life, love, happiness, and hand-holding through it all.

  2. Great post! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Beautiful post! Happy Anniversary!

  4. How sweet! Congratulations on this great milestone!

  5. Oh I love your Anniversary present to Chris it is fantastic. Congratulations to both of you. 130 years sounds just about right. B

  6. Happy Anniversary Jent and Chris!

  7. Congratulations to both of you. You and your family crack me up with your wonderful, matter-of-fact blog on both the glories and realities of farm life and family life! Cheers to another twenty years!

  8. Wow, I've had that tractor for 22 years. Memories.... Love You Too. Chris (Of course it has been overhauled and repainted to keep it looking like new, you just keep shining by yourself)

  9. It's good your daughter needed a portrait for the county fair and even better that you guys had a wonderful reason to be featured in said photo! May the laughter and memories continue to abound!