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July 15, 2012

We are over the hump and on the down side!

And I couldn't be happier - I hate judging week - I would do 2 weeks of the fair to bypass judging week - it is stressful for me to watch the kid's projects get "judged" - I am all about 4-H and the judging part it just personally stresses me out to watch the projects that they have worked so hard on (or not so hard on) get "picked" over - I always tell my kids (and myself) if you did the best you could and you are pleased with what you are turning in that is the most important but as their Mom it is just hard!

But we made it thru and are pleased with the results!

Emi Lou took photography, crops, tractor driving and recycled crafts -

She had just come from cheer leading tryouts and was completely flustered, hot and tired having to go straight from one to the other - but she jumped right in and did a great job - I might add that she is the only girl that competes in tractor/wagon in her age group - SHE ROCKS!

This is her recycled craft - she took water bottles and cut them into flower shapes, painted them and hot glued them to an old window frame that still had the glass in it - she is going to use it as a wipe-write board in her room - Blue Honors - she LOVED doing this project and the finished result, she was very proud as she should be!

This was her photography project - creative/experimental - this was all her idea and she was so pleased with it, she earned a blue!

Casey signed up for several extra projects this year in February (which I advised against and was met with "I will do it all Mom") but after a week at Indiana FFA State Convention followed the next week in Washington DC for an FFA conference she looks at me and says "yeah I don't think I will be able to finish all those projects" to which I responded "Oh yes you are you signed up for them!" - She completed all of them and I am very proud of her - Animal Science notebook, Genealogy notebook, Soil and Water poster, photography and crops!

Here she is the day she turned Animal Science in - she turned in a notebook on Artificial Insemination of Sows - she earned Grand Champion!
FUN FACT: in the process of working on this notebook we Googled "boar semen" pictures of our family come up - aren't we cool - go ahead and give a google you know you want too!

She turned in 2 salon prints for photography - this one earned blue honors!

She got a blue on her other photo, a blue on her Soil & water, and a 2nd on Genealogy (I have no idea why and am very curious about this but it is what it is), she also turned in her crops record sheets but none of the our kids turned in crops - basically because we got nothing this year!

And then there is the boy - I asked him what he wanted to take he said "cattle, electric, crops & tractor driving" - I said you don't want to try anything else and I got a resounding NO!

He was so so proud of his electric, he worked really hard with Grumpy on this project and he earned Champion!

He totally loved this "project" - they practice every Wed. night for about 2 month's - I always take them tell them they can drive the course twice and then we will go - they like Chris to take them because he stays the whole time and shoots the breeze with the guys and Cole just drives the course as often as he can!

So we made it thru judging week - we had several other exciting things this week as well - the oldest got her license - I was a little not sure at first that I was ready for that but the day she got it was also the day of the tractor driving contest and she had an ortho appt. in Shelbyville so we said "be off" and off she went, I sent her to WalMart for grocery's later that day- I am kinda liking this!  Emi Lou also spent 3 days at cheer leading tryouts and made the fall squad - she is over the moon excited, she worked hard practicing and I am so proud of her!

Next  installment will include set-up and the annual airing of the greivences - you know you can't wait!


  1. Sounds like you NEED the extra license AND a clone. Bet you're super proud of those kiddos of yours!!

  2. Congrats on the fair results! It's fair week here this week. Even though I don't have 4-Hers anymore, I am the 4-H foods superintendent and the hubby helps with pigs. Of course, it will hot, hot, HOT! I guarantee you will LOVE having another legal driver.

  3. Congrats to you and your kids! We will begin our first year in 4-H next month. I am counting on you as a consultant! It's been too long. Keep writing and posting. Your blog is awesome.

  4. Wow your kids are awesome just like Mom. Very creative and not afraid to try anything, I like that.
    I loved when my girls got their drivers license OK except for some sleepless nights I must admit but they are like your kids raised with safety.
    Congratulations to all.
    Love the boar semen thing you guys are famous google people LOL. B