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August 17, 2012

Manure Happens


I always see other people post on their blogs about what they are wearing that day and tend to get a little snarky (I like that word) - Chris says I am not snarky but just plain bitchy but I think snarky doesn't make me sound so mean so I go with it, even though I have a feeling those two words can be used as synonyms!

I am NOT a fashionista (a word I had never heard until I started blogging) by any means and I abhor shopping and my "job" by no means requires fashionable clothing - when I am being snarky about someones "what I wore to work today" post I always envision in my head what my post would look like:

On this particular day we were setting up stalls at the county fair - I tried to keep light and airy with just a hint of fun - as nothing is as fun as setting up stalls with 3 kids and a husband in 100 degree weather - so if you look good you feel good - right????

I am sporting a pair of used previously broke in  grungy pre-washed pair of Wrangler Men's Jeans cutoff that I purchased from Good Will a reputable 2nd hand store.  The pretty pink and white striped tank top is a cotton blend purchased straight off the clearance rack that was a steal off the sale rack at Wal-Mart a well known department store.  The black leather belt I basically use to hold up my britches up accessorized with was just something I pulled out of my closet.  I am not wearing any jewelry as I feel this outfit makes a statement all on its own!  Although not pictured I chose a nice pair of boots to accompany this outfit - I did choose a pair that already had manure on them as all of mine do I always believe in wearing appropriate footwear for the occasion.

There are days I don't plan for manure to happen and it does anyway!
I don't recall what my particular plans were from this day but I can tell by what I am wearing it was NOT to be covered in manure!

I am sporting a pair of Eddie Bauer jeans, my "good" jeans, that I purchased at the outlet in Edinburgh almost 5 years ago (tells you how often I need "good" jeans!  Paired with them I have a simple long sleeve almost burnt orange t-shirt with a turquoise flower tank top I snagged off the clearance sale rack at a high end department store (well Target but I consider that higher end than WalMart)!  The over sized rubber boots were a last minute selection from the pile of boots at the garage door (again always wear appropriate footwear) as Chris was hollering to please come give a bale of hay to the cows ("just quickly slip in the lot between 6 hungry huge cows in 2 foot of manure throw that bale in the feeder and sneak back out - no biggie you won't get dirty") - while the boots help complete the outfit next time I will find a pair that fits me and won't get sucked off my feet!

Most days I sport a pair of jeans and a t-shirt - I used to watch "What Not To Wear" and always got aggravated when they would tell stay-at-home Moms not to wear "house cleaning" clothes to town to run errands -do you know how many times a day I would have to change clothes if I didn't go to town in my "house" only clothes - once I begged Chris to call and nominate me for the show - he laughed hysterically and adamantly said "NO" -there was no way in h e double hockey sticks he was going to nominate me for wearing clothes that did not flatter me, even if I told him he could because he knew one day that could be used against him in a court of law!!!!

And speaking of jeans - WHY oh WHY can't they make jeans that cover people's bum???  The other day I saw an infomercial about a "band" of material that they wanted you to buy that you put over the top of your jeans so that when you bent down it would cover what the jeans didn't - WHY NOT JUST MAKE JEANS THAT JUST FIT!!!!!

But anyway back to my original reason for this post - the other day we got an invitation to a lunch at the Indiana State Fair for the Certified Livestock Producers Program -

as I walk down the stairs to leave with Chris he says "You look nice" and it occurs to me that I actually got to "dress up" and should blog "What I am wearing" maybe that will curb my snarky  bitchy  jealous attitude - so I made Chris take my picture!

I won't lie I was excited - I had just picked up these Wrangler jeans at The Outpost in Trafalgar, the white tank top is from Banana Republic at The Edinburgh Outlet Mall - you can't see it but the neckline has these silver strings of beads over white strips of material (kind of looks like a flower around the neckline - I am not doing the shirt justice but anyway it is really cute and I have been saving it because it is white and well I wanted to keep it that way so I only wear it on special occasions)!  The turquoise tank underneath is from Under Armour - paired with my bling belt and a pair of Ariat Fat Baby boots that I picked up at Tractor Supply on Black Friday last year - I chose them because they match my belt really well, are comfortable for walking and well, they had the least amount of manure on them! 
So off we went to The Indiana State Fair - Chris and I got there early enough to look around The Pioneer Village, check out Cole's electric project that earned state fair entry and then head to the Indiana Certified Livestock Producers Program luncheon!  We mingled, small talked and then got in line for the buffet - and that is when it happened - the gentleman behind me says
 "This is the best luncheon I have been to where everyone has manure on their boots!"
and it hit me:

No matter where I am going or what I am doing - I dress for manure!


  1. You crack me up I love your last line. I think you look fabulous even while covered in manure.
    A girl just like me,, a very well buried hidden Diva:) HUGS B

  2. You always manage to make me smile. I actually have a couple of those spandex fabric pieces only I wear them while I'm pregnant so I can wear my regular pants while pregnant. Other than that, they are never worn.

  3. You always make me laugh! You're wardrobe competes with mine! lol!

  4. I'm totally with you on the What Not to Wear opinion about appropriate fashion for around your house. I vote for comfort and practicality every time. And I agree with Chris: You did look very nice. However, if you have one of those moments where you are just supposed to quickly throw a bale of hay to the cows, I would suggest ripping off the white shirt. No amount of stain remover would get something out of that pristine white :0)

  5. I loved your post. You had me crackin up! I too, feel that Target is high end ;) I couldn't agree with you more about how to make wardrobe choices. Glad to know that I'm not the only one that has to choose what pair of boots to wear that has the least amount of manure on them.

  6. LOVE this, love the fact you worked your favorite color into the great outfit, and love that you can wear the same pair of jeans five years in a row. I think my weight has fluctuated 2-3 sizes in that amount of time!

    The other morning I went out to feed the cats in just my beach cover-up because I wasn't ready to go out to do outside work. Steve saw me and asked if I was "dressed." I looked at him, and he said, "Go get your underwear on, I need you to help me scoop corn out of this bin." Damn cats! ;-) When I came out of the bin, there stood two guys from Farm Bureau to go check fields for hail damage. I was really rocking that dirt-ring-around-my-face-where-my-mask-was look! Geez! I just stood there and chatted with them; what's a girl to do. My dog thought I was cute!

  7. I can only say that I am utterly (or maybe I should say udderly) depressed that I have to start wearing "nice" clothes again instead of my state fair shorts and crocs (always say only wear shoes you can hose off to the fair) tomorrow. I love your "style" even if you say you don't have one!!

  8. Loved your blog post! and agree with you on the wardrobe, compared to many of my friends mine is sorely lacking. I often think I need to have a 'style' but wouldn't know where to start. You look great no matter what you are wearing. And you keep me laughing. Pam

  9. Cute (last) outfit! You don't give yourself enough credit though, when you try to, you always look cute :-)

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