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August 22, 2012

Pie Crust Confessions

I might have a 'sweets' problem - sometimes it is cookies or brownies, sometimes cakes or cupcakes, sometimes ice cream & sometimes pie!

I might sometimes eat my 'dessert' before my supper!

Which leads to:
I might be impatient!

Which then leads to:
I might be a poor housekeeper, which def. includes the kitchen!

Which leads to:
I might not use homemade pie crust!

OK the first four confessions were probably just true statements to anyone who knows has randomly met me but the last one might surprise a few, than again maybe not - so let me bring them all together:

Because I love sweets and I eat them randomly thru the day (when the urge hits-wow I would not survive on the new USDA school lunch program) and because I am extremely impatient and because my kitchen counter is always a mess (no clean surface to roll out pie crust) - I just don't make it - I . . . . . . buy it!

I DO - there I said it!

My name is Jennifer and I use boughten pie crust.

I have handwritten recipes from both of my Grandmothers of their Mothers pie crust recipe and am positive I could get the same from Chris' side of the family (and they are delicious -flaky and light) but when it comes right down to it I fall victim to instant gratification when it comes to my pie intake!!!!

So this is the brand I use - the only brand I use and they keep a long time in the freezer and thaw pretty fast!
It is flaky, buttery, yummy - they come 2 to a package already rolled out in a circle - the only disadvantage to this is my kids will never know the magic of miniature pie crust cinnamon rolls but it is a small price they pay for my impatient pie desires!

I have no real recipe for a fruit pie (oh quit rolling your eyes at me Emily!) - any where from 4-6 cups of berry's or fruit, 1 1/2 to 2 cups sugar, several tablespoons flour or cornstarch (whichever you grab first or is closest) - stir that all together and put in your pie crust!  I always put (dots, pats or slabs-whichever your in the mood for) some butter on top of the filling and then cover with the second pie crust - cut some vents - like slits or some shape to let the steam out and slide'er in the oven - I always cover the edge of the crust too!  425 degrees for 15 minutes and then 375 degrees for 40-55 minutes depending on how done you like your crust - about 10 minutes before it is done I lightly rub some butter on the top crust (cause you can never get enough butter) and then sprinkle some sugar on that!

Now I would close with a picture perfect slice of pie on a pretty plate with a fork but let's not fool ourselves a couple of things would have to happen for me to be able to do that:
1. the pie would have to cool!
2. I would not be able to sit down with a giant glass of milk and a fork with the entire pie in front of me and just eat out of the pie pan!

And let's be honest that just isn't going to happen!


  1. I make my crusts now, but I didn't until my daughter wanted/needed to learn for 4-H. My mom uses Pillsbury, too. They are good pie crusts. And I do use them for one of our favorite sandwiches (kind of like a "homemade" Hot Pocket). It looks delicious to me! I definitely have a "sweets" problem, too. Confession is good for the soul, right?! Enjoy your pie!

  2. Now my pie addiction is gonna spiral out of control. I loves me some pie!!

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  4. Sorry I was so excited about the pie I forgot how to spell. I like pie and I would eat yours any day no matter what crust was under it. Darn no pie in sight what is a girl to do? Drat:( B

  5. Jent been using that crust for years. Used to make my own but it is too easy so I switched and love pie's all kinds

  6. Love this post! real life! Thanks for sharing at our PiDay Pie party!